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Safety Training trainingObjective-Based Safety Training: Process and Issues
by Kenneth L. Miller, Philip Morris (Hardcover)
BIN Rating: osha training

List Price: $74.95

Description: What are the four major areas always in the safety practitioner's mind? Preventing injuries - preventing catastrophic losses - protecting the organization from regulatory problems - and showing value to the organization. This book prepares the safety management practitioner for training in a diverse workforce while creating a program that meets the specific needs of a client or corporation.

Hazard Communication

2.hazard communicationThe HazCom Training Program
by Neil McManus, Gilda Green (Hardcover)
Avg. Customer Rating: hazard communication program

List Price: $169.95
Description: As required by law, a complete and effective training program for the Hazard Communication Standard (HCS)-or "HazCom"-awaits trainers and consultants in this package. Issued by OSHA in 1983, and updated in 1994, HCS requires evaluation of the hazards of all chemicals produced or imported-and transmission of hazard information to employers and employees. The HazCom Training Program provides essential information to conduct HazCom classes, including a case-bound instructor's manual, plus a CD-ROM

Safety Operator Training operator trainingDeveloping Safety Training Programs: Preventing Accidents and Improving Worker Performance Through Quality Training
by Joseph A. Saccaro (Hardcover)
BIN Rating: hazcom

List Price: $84.95

Description: Developing Safety Training Programs teaches safety training from the perspective of a safety professional. It is also the first book to incorporate the concept of Job Safety Analysis as a foundation concept. Students will get a thorough understanding of the content of safety training programs, how to select the best pre-developed training aids, and how to write original lesson plans, hands-on practicals, and other instructional material.

Manager Training

4.Manager TrainingSafety Training Basics: A Handbook for Safety Training Program Development
by Nancy E. Whiting, James E. Roughton (Paperback - August 2000)
BIN Rating: OSHA training

List Price $95.00

Description: Simplifies the task of complying with over 100 OSHA training requirements and provides managers with specific guidelines for establishing an effective training program. Explains how to develop a site-specific training program by matching training content and methods to management needs and job hazards.

Health and Safety Training and safety trainingEffective Safety and Health Training
by Barbara M. Hilyer (Editor), et al (Hardcover)
Avg. Customer Rating: hazmat training

List Price $89.95

Description: Effective Health and Safety Training can turn trainers into Santa Claus - everyone will look forward to their visits. The presents they bring: interesting topics and trainee involving methods, wrapped in respect for workers and a consideration for their needs.
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Bestsellers - OSHA - Fire Safety - MSDS - Safety Training - Electrical Safety - All Industrial