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Hazardous Material

1.hazardous materialHazardous Material Management Desk Reference
by Doye B. Cox (Editor), et al (Hardcover)
BIN Rating: fire life safety

List Price: $99.95

Description: A guide to hazmat management so comprehensive, it took over 90 experts to put it together! That's right! Scores of top experts have packed Hazardous Materials Management Desk Reference, edited by Doye B. Cox, with comprehensive information, along with practical, how-to advice.

Safety Management

2.Safety ManagementPerspectives on Safety Management and Risk Assessment in the Chemicals Industry [DOWNLOAD: PDF]
by Urch Publishing (Author) (Digital)
BIN Rating: 5.0 out of 5 stars

List Price: $840.00
Description: To get the most in depth knowledge of handling chemicals read this book for Chemical manufacturers and shippers. Some areas covered are risk assessment, safety management systems, transport of chemicals, classification of chemicals, control of exposure to chemicals, chemical process safety and emergency planning.

Material Safety Data Sheet

3.material safety data sheetMaterial Safety Data Sheets: The Writer's Desk Reference
by Richard P. Molinelli, et al (Hardcover - March 1992)
Avg. Customer Rating: 4.0 out of 5 stars

List Price: $102.50

Description: Material safety data sheets (MSDS) are now required by law and list the health, safety, physical, and chemical information about a product. This reference guides MSDS writers through the maze of regulations. Chapters include: identifying and characterizing products; use of toxicology studies; the industrial hygienist's role; emergency response; and state issues.

Chemistry Hazardous Material

4.chemistry hazardous materialThe Common Sense Approach to Hazardous Materials
by Frank L. Fire (Hardcover - October 1996)
BIN Rating: confined space rescue

List Price $47.97

Description: This book is a great resource when dealing with more than just liquid chemicals. Chapters include - The chemistry of hazardous materials, Chemical compounds, Covalent bonding, Hydrocarbons, Hydrocarbon derivatives, 
Fire & pyrolysis, Flammable & combustible liquids, Compressed gases, Combustible solids, Cryogenic gases, Oxidizing agents, Plastics, Corrosives, Unstable materials: organic peroxides and monomers, Toxicity, Radioactivity, Explosives, Water & air reactive materials. 

Chemical Dictionary

5.chemical dictionaryHawley's Condensed Chemical Dictionary (14th Edition)
by Gessner Goodrich Hawley (Editor), Richard J. Lewis (Editor) (Hardcover)
Avg. Customer Rating: 5.0 out of 5 stars

List Price $149.00

Description: Original publication was in 1919, now on the 14th edition. Identifies thousands of chemical substances by name, physical properties, source of occurrence, shipping regulations, Chemical Abstracts Registry (CAS) number, chemical formula, potential hazards, derivatives, synonyms, and applications.
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