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1.nfpaLife Safety Code Handbook (Life Safety Code Handbook, 8th Ed)
by Ron Cote (Editor) (Hardcover - July 2000)
Avg. Customer Rating: fire life safety

List Price: $102.50

Description: You can not find a more complete source on fire life safety code than this book put out by the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA). From Definitions, Requirements, to fire drills, Features of Fire Protection, Fire Alarm Systems and Case Histories. This is the bible for life safety code users.

Risk Management

2.risk managementRisk Management in the Fire Service
by Steven S. Wilder (Mass Market Paperback - August 1997)
Avg. Customer Rating: 5.0 out of 5 stars

List Price: $24.95
Description: Defines and discusses risk management in fire service. Has a great five-step risk management process for an effective safety/risk management program that will fit any budget. Mr. Wilder receives praise and thanks for this book from both the risk management and fire fighting community.

Sprinkler System

3.sprinkler systemAutomatic Sprinkler Systems Handbook
by Milosh T. Puchovsky (Editor), National Fire Protection Association (Hardcover - March 2000)
Avg. Customer Rating: nfpa code

List Price: $102.50

Description: NFPA 13,13D and 13R explained in great detail with illustrations making content easy to understand. All sprinkler system designers, engineers and installers should have this handbook..

Confined Space

by D. Alan Veasey (Editor), et al (Hardcover)
Avg. Customer Rating: confined space rescue

List Price $125.00

Description: The most detailed and maybe the only book dedicated to confined space and emergency response. This book will take trainees from ground zero through all the training requirements of the multiple standards relating to confined spaces. Provides the trainer with everything he/she needs to train those who will be working in a confined space. The CD-ROM included has high quality power point, videos and other materials that can easily be adapted to supplement existing training programs.

Electrical Fires

5.electrical firesElectrical Fires and Failures: Prevention and Troubleshooting
by A. A. Hattangadi, Brooke Stauffer (Hardcover)
BIN Rating: electrical wiring

List Price $39.95

Description: Helps you steer clear of the design and installation flaws behind almost every electrical mishap, malfunction, and disaster. Helps you safeguard and troubleshoot existing installations in all types of facilities.
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