The Future of Manufacturing

This is a summary of two editorial reports about current events shaping the Manufacturing Industry. These events took place during the month of May, 2001. These article are about the current industrial revolution, but most of the innovations will soon be standards in the industry.

Future of ManufacturingWeb enhanced Manufacturing Facility:

Automated equipment in a new Chicago based corrugated facility. What makes this facility stand out in the news, is that they have linked the customer's production to the Internet. 

To sum up the vision of tomorrows manufacturing industry in this article, I'd say management's meticulous task will be relieved by Internet technology, so more focus can be placed on becoming people oriented companies again.

new technologyA visit to Chicago's Association for Facilities Engineering Chapter:

The month of May I visited Chicago's AFE Chapter. While Attending their May 3 Symposium, I was able to learn a lot about how AFE functions are held. AFE symposiums are a great way to meet leaders in our industry and learn about new technology. You'll find not only local businesses attend these seminars, but leaders from a far. I met key members from our Indiana Chapter, even an editor from Plant Engineering Magazine.

This article made our "Future of Manufacturing" series because more and more of industry's management will realize the necessity to belong to AFE, to keep current on the latest technology. We learned in this one day seminar, new efficient management techniques, all vital equipment will have wireless battery powered sensors, and the internet will integrate most of the vast industrial information we need to remain competitive. Through AFE we don't have to wait until the technology is standard, we can be the leaders in our respective markets.

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