St. Louis, Missouri

Training Seminar on the Allen-Bradley ™


A Maintenance & Engineering Training Seminar 

St. Louis, MO. Schedule: Register Now for current 2017 schedule and beyond, follow links.

Also see our , Atlanta, GA & Denver, CO Seminar Schedule

... or our On-Site PLC Training

What you will learn ...
  • Basic use RSLogix ™ Software
    • Starting RSLinx ™ and RSLogix ™
    • PC to PLC Communications
    • Working efficiently with tool bars
    • On Line and Off Line Operation
    • Quickly compare PLC program copies
    • Communicating with the PLC
    • Burning the EPROM
    • Find your way around in large PLC programs
    • Using RsLogix ™ as your second troubleshooting partner
    • Forces Enabled/Disabled safely
    • Data files and subroutines
    • How to find your own answers using software
    • Questions from the audience
  • PLC Ladder Logic
    • Is it normally open or normally closed?
    • A basic rung of logic
    • Instruction types
    • MCR, JSR and basic structure of a PLC program
    • Adjusting Timers and Counters
    • What is integers, binary, floating point data memory areas.
    • symbols and rung descriptions 
  • Standard Operating Practices (SOP)
    • Backing up your PLC programs
    • Protecting your PLC programs
    • Reliable operating procedures
    • EPROM for zero downtime
    • Documenting change
    • Safety while troubleshooting
    • File Management
    • Downloading and Uploading
  • Troubleshoot Actual Problems
    • Basic troubleshooting theory
    • The most common problems
    • Relating your PLC program to the real world
    • Tracing and monitoring input and outputs
    • How to recover quickly from lightning and other power problems
    • Actual troubleshooting exercise
    • Using RsLogix's ™ Advanced Diagnostics

What you will receive ...

  • World Class Training
  • Hands On Experience
  • Classroom Handouts
  • A copy of the Power Point
  • Certificate of Achievement
  • Follow up support by email
  • A PLC Simulation CD
  • Challenge workshop attendees receive more advanced programming examples
  • The confidence to continue to learn and more.

(Register for St. Louis now)

Or see Atlanta, GA. Details

We are a Strategic Training Partner for the Association for Facilities Engineering (AFE) and provide AFE members a 10% discount.

Side Notes: This is a hands on, relaxed adult continuing education atmosphere with instructors roaming the class, giving each individual help.

If you are seeking jobs in St Louis MO related to electrical troubleshooting this industrial maintenance training can help. If you are already responsible for maintaining AB equipment, you will find the troubleshooting tips and methods of great value. Those of you not in the state of Missouri, please note travel expenses can be reduced by using the hotel's airport shuttle.

St Louis, Missouri PLC Training Room F

Business Industrial Network will be hosting the best Allen-Bradley RSLogix ™ PLC training your maintenance and engineering personnel can get. How? Business Industrial Network will provide their leading expert on Allen- Bradley ™ Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) troubleshooting as your instructor. (1.6 CEU)

rslogix plc5 and slc500 software  plc trianing  plc ladder logic files

This three day seminar is based on the same onsite customized PLC 5™ and SLC 500™  PLC training course used to reduce downtime in FDA regulated manufactures, Government Facilities and Fortune 500 companies through out the United States. This PLC course is not just text book PLC instructions, but practical knowledge and case examples based on years of experience.

This PLC course will offer information your people will actually use out on the shop floor. A crash course in how to reduce downtime while working with Allen-Bradley's RsLogix ™ PLC 5 ™ and SLC 500 ™ software. The 3rd day of this seminar is our "Challenge Workshop".

Note: The Challenge Workshop is a full day hands on challenge, either assigned by one of the instructors or choose your own challenge. Choosing your own challenge is where the instructors will help you get started on a programming challenge you need to apply in your own facility. 

To offer you the greatest return on your PLC training investment this seminar is focused on ...

How to troubleshoot more quickly and reliabilyTroubleshooting

How to troubleshoot more quickly and reliabilyReducing Downtime

Backup PLC RSLogix programs, safely upload - downloadSafe and Reliable Procedures

Students build confidence to continue their PLC eduction on their own.Continuing Self Education

The instructor for this seminar will be Donald B. Fitchett, who has not only been teaching about PLCs for over a decade, but has designed and implemented world class training programs around the world. Don will also bring to this seminar his  expertise on the true cost of downtime to stress the importance of quick reliable troubleshooting. Instructors will roam the class helping all attendees with the course outline and hands on application.

Customer Comment ...

"Our skill levels ranged from expert to beginner and no one was left behind. Tell Don I said hello when you speak with him. This guy is good."

Ross Thomas, Jr


K33 Decon/Final Survey Building Ops Manager


Seminar Location ...

PLC Training at the Microsoft Building

Follow detail link below

 for current location and dates.

St. Louis, MO. 63141 


This seminar/workshop will be held in the state of the art training  facility located in the Microsoft building next door to our offices. (BIN located at 2 Cityplace Drive, Suite 200, St. Louis, MO. 63141)

Click For MORE PLC SEMINAR DETAILS AND REGISTRATION. Register TODAY because seating is limited!

Or you may attend our Atlanta, GA. Seminars or request a free quote for on-site training.

Drury Inn & Suites just 1/2 mile down the road at ...

11980 Olive Blvd, Creve Coeur, Missouri, 63141

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