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Some great up and coming events for our members and guest...

Now that we have that September we golf out of our system, we will have our October meeting with ASME in a tour of the SIUE Ethanol Plant.

Christmas Party

December 9 at 5: 00 PM

Place: Noonday club at the top of the Metropolitan Square building.

All AFE members are free.

This Month:

Feed Forward Publications

 Feed Forward Maintenance - Engineering Books, CDs and Publication has reduced their prices under new ownership.

Now you can receive maintenance and reliability training at a great price! Check out the new website at 

Oregon Infrared's very own "Harley & the Hot Spots" just cut another song about the infrared industry ! 

Just released the "On the Lightwave" song!

Copyright © 2002 Oregon Infrared LLC, All rights under copyright reserved. Used by permission.

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computer recycling

Free Tech Tip by Business Industrial Network 

Using diagnostics in RS-Logix® (Allen Bradley®) PLC programs.

These tools will decrease your downtime while troubleshooting and enhance your machine monitoring capabilities.

Note: All diagnostic enhancements are passive to, and will in no way change the existing ladder logic.

1. Open your PLC program in RSLogix® and click on the "Advanced Diagnostics" option from the "Search" pull down menu on the top of your screen.
2. The "Advanced Diagnostics" dialog box will appear on your screen. Your current program may be displaying just an empty dialog box. (An empty dialog box indicates your program has not been completely descriptored. Some OEMs will not completely describe the elements of your PLC program to save time (cost), for proprietary reasons, to increase your dependency on service from them or other reasons. :>)
3. Some of the element of a PLC program that need descriptions for better understanding and quicker troubleshooting of the program are; input - output descriptions, rung comments, and page titles. With these three description types in place and the advanced diagnostic tool, you can quickly work your way thru a program for troubleshooting and understanding.
4. As you click on descriptions in the advanced diagnostics dialog box, the window showing your actual ladder logic will always automatically navigate to the program section or output you have selected.

For screen shot and more information on this topic, please see

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AFE St. Louis Newsletter !


Terry Bremer has handed over AFE St. Louis Chapter Vice Presidency to Mike Jaby. Terry has served our chapter well over the years and we thank him all the time he has devoted to our chapter. Terry is going back to school which will conflict with our regular Tuesday meetings.

We also want to give a warm welcome and congratulations to Mike Jaby as the new Chapter Vice President. Mike was formerly serving as our Chapter Secretary and will make an excellent VP.

Hey everyone! Miracles will never cease Creech has e mail now  !!!!!    :>)


Joint Meeting with ASME for Tour


We would like to invite ALL Engineers, as well as Maintenance Managers, and Building Energy Directors to our next A.F.E. monthly meeting.


August presentation



October 15, 2003 beginning at 5:00 P.M. 

Meeting Location: Tour is of the SIUE ethanol plant, details coming soon.


Click here for details and to RSVP

career search  New resources available - "The Best company to work for list" Not just a list of the top of the top 100 company to work for, but actual links to each company's employment application area of each best company to work for with a current real employment opportunity. Even better, the list is in order of companies planning to do the most hiring for 2003! ohio employment


Also, AFE Chapter president - Frank Kastl, is looking for a maintenance engineer for St. Louis place. Starting pay at 12 to 14: dollars an hour. Building experience a must. Full time with benefits. 314-436-1212

Our August Meeting:

Control Consultants


Control Consultants & Supply Company Training Center

Automated building controls applications

Thank you Control Consultants for hosting our meeting and the education on the Metasys,  providing dinner and the four free St. Louis Cardinals Tickets! For those who could not make it, you can read about the meeting in this newsletter and online at the link below.

(Click hear for Details )

We exist because of the continued support of our Sponsors. Chapter 26 thanks ALL of them for their continued support! 

AFE National:Association for Facilities Engineering National Website

  • Gearing up for our 50th next year.
  • Partnering up with IFMA in Dallas to co-show World Workplace & Facilities America.
  • We are completing a ABET accreditation for our CPE program.  

Click to download presenter form

The month for this year's Facilities America is - October 2003 in Dallas Texas - 

  • Opening keynote by Tim Sanders, the Chief Solutions Officer of Yahoo!
  • More than 250 leading facility product and service providers in the expo hall
  • More than 100 educational sessions presented by the foremost experts in the industry
  • AFE's Awards Dinner, recognizing excellence in facility engineering
  • Countless networking opportunities with members of AFE, IFMA, IIDA, AIA and other highly respected organizations
This year ALL links go directly to . That's where all information will be at.


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certified Our Certified Plant Maintenance Manager (CPMM) Program will be given during the TFM Show. The CPMM review program has been developed to guide you in preparing for the CPMM exam. Our exclusive courses guide you through the most relevant materials to ensure maximum retention of the maintenance material.

For more information click here

For additional certification information please contact Jennifer Coleman, Certification Manager at



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