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Cross reference: Electronics, Motor, TPM, Pipe PLC Training at the Training Registry

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Automation control workshops  Advertisement: Phase II -PID Training Workshop

Understand building temperature control better, get a firm foundation in How a temperature controller works and PID control tuning.



Feed Forward PublicationsFeed Forward Maintenance - Engineering Books, CDs and Publication has reduced their prices under new ownership. Now you can receive maintenance and reliability training at a great price! Check out the new website at 


PLC Training in St. Louis too.

Business Industrial Network provides MRO technical support, anytime, anywhere. Customized onsite Allen Bradley PLC Training. The training qualifies for most state reimbursement programs as well as 1.6 CEU towards AFE certifications. See also their St. Louis, MO. PLC Training Workshop and Atlanta, GA. PLC Training Seminars. They also offer a wealth of maintenance information on their website. Instant downloadable engineering Ebooks, free downloads, articles and much more.

The Reliability Information Analysis Center (RIAC), formerly the Reliability Analysis Center (RAC), has served as a Department of Defense (DoD) Information Analysis Center (IAC) for more than 35 years. The RIAC, operated by a team of Wyle Laboratories, Quanterion Solutions, the University of Maryland, the Penn State University Applied Research Lab, and the State University of New York Institute of Technology, is a focal point for information, data, analysis, training and technical assistance in Reliability, Maintainability, Quality, Supportability and Interoperability.


Valtorc Valves - Ball Valves, Butterfly Valves, Control Valves and Actuators!

Saia-Burgess USA, Inc. - Technical data and product specifications for snap action micro switches manufactured by Saia-Burgess USA, Inc.

Reliability Center, Inc. works with clients in four main areas: Process, Equipment, Human, and Maintenance Reliability. It does this through a wide range of services, seminars, and information transfers. RCI consultants work as strategic partners to help clients identify and solve problems so they can experience an increase in precision, productivity, and profitability. Please see their Case histories, to realize your ROI. They have a great web site, packed with valuable information, and a news letter too.

Home remodeling products – Chose from thousands in stock Lights, Plumbing fixtures, Heating Equipment, Kitchen and Bath Ventilation and Indoor and Outdoor Appliances for all your home needs 

MT-ONLINE is the Internet companion to MAINTENANCE TECHNOLOGY, the magazine of plant equipment maintenance and reliability management. They are a business and technical information source for managers, engineers and supervisors responsible for plant equipment maintenance and reliability, and asset management.

SoloMantenimiento - Mantenimiento Industrial Maintenance, biggest Guide and Directory of Maintenance Resources in Spanish Language, for Spain and others Latin Countries.

How Stuff is an amazing, award-winning online destination for anyone who wants to know how anything works! Originally started by author and entrepreneur Marshall Brain as an entertaining and fascinating place for people to learn about the world we live in, the site has grown to be one of the top 500 Web sites in the United States.

Hydraulic Supermarket.comHydraulic Supermarket is an independent marketplace and technical resource center for everyone who owns, operates, repairs or maintains hydraulic equipment. (The have a great free newsletter too!)

FindMRO.comSM They're the only source your business needs for hard-to-find maintenance, repair, and operating (MRO) supplies. Whether you need an unusual mix of products, something you buy everyday, or that one-of-a-kind spot buy item-consider it done! They'll save you the time and hassles of chasing down what you need to keep your business running.

Papa Kaizen A very successful Consultant company at implementing Lean Principles and TPM in several companies. Their web site is dedicated to information on Kaizen, TPM, JIT, 5S, SMED, ZQC, and D4M. If you don't know what some of these acronyms stand for, we recommend visiting them, to maintain a competitive edge.

TPM Online This Web Site is dedicated to all those professionals who face everyday the challenge of the "Resistance to Change" We also welcome all those professors, trainers, students, engineers, entrepreneurs and professionals from all the fields who teamwork towards a more productive and efficient plant that will meet the requirements of the global economy in the new century.

Nalco Diversified Technologies is a subsidiary of Nalco Chemical Company, the largest manufacturer and marketer of specialty water treatment chemicals in the world. Coupled with this strong foundation in water management, we offer the leading odor control technology and an extensive range of advanced facilities maintenance chemicals, lubricants and functional fluids. For information contact a Nalco Diversified Technologies Representative.

Wolfson Maintenance is a world class asset management, training and research consultancy focused on the delivering and implementation of services that maximize the contribution of assets to a corporation's profitability. (Also check out their download area)

50% discount power tools: stanley tools, milwaukee power tools, makita tools. Find huge discounts on power tools in our Big Tool Sale! Stock up for the building season, are planning a home-remodeling project, or are looking to start off spring with some new lawn-care equipment, now is the time to shop. - browse the Keyword Map of - a web thesaurus and lexicon listing under facilities, facilities engineering and engineering job

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Air Compressors

General Air Compressor Tutorial Gas and Air Compressor Training CD with skill test is a great animated study guide for all related career skill assessment, not just industrial. Why? Because training covers most compressors types, the process gas compressor, rotary compressor, vertical compressor, screw type compressor, centrifugal compressor, liquid ring compressor, radial compressor, reciprocating compressor, lobe compressor, etc.

Compressed Air Systems Resource Center Easy to read, illustrated guidance for plant maintenance personnel and system supervision staff. Also, scroll down towards the bottom of the page for RED ALERTS (Compressor and System Failures) and GREEN ALERTS (Beneficial Compressor and System Enhancements). They have over 15  manuals (350 pages+), like maintenance and operation, moisture removal, energy savings, calculators and more. A must read about spark erosion and centrifugal air compressors; Great job!

Impact RM - Compressed Air Glossary of Terms This link is directly to their glossary of terms for compressed air subject matter.  This same web page is featured on several engineering sites around the world and has been featured on a television program on TLC.

Air Compressor on line

Compressor Wise

Best Practices

DOE Lubricating Oil Systems

Cross reference: Motor

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Infrared Imaging Services   Oregon Infrared - Thermal Imaging Predictive Maintenance Services
  • Infrared imaging reveals maintenance problems before they become acute and expensive. Thermography as it relates to preventative maintenance, uses IR temperature measurement to see problems with the aid of infrared photography saving you costly repairs.


  • Integrates forms used in electrical testing and maintenance into a database management system, enabling test data to be quickly entered, stored managed and transmitted electronically. They have developed free industry standard test forms for electrical testing, maintenance and inspections available by Demo CD or download from This alone will help a lot of our members so they don't have to create test forms themselves and know that they are all closely based on NETA specifications as well.

Alliance to save energy

Bloomberg Energy Pricing

Energy Central

Energy Purchasing Information

Gas Daily

Midwest Cogeneration Organization - THE source for nuclear information on the internet.

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HVAC is the premier information source for individuals and organizations associated with HVAC industries featuring a comprehensive database of useful information on a variety of HVAC related companies and resources.

Energy User News

Electric Find

HVAC Mall (sm)

Boiler Control

HVAC by Honeywell


O'Brien Global Products, Inc. Productivity tools for the HVAC professional.

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Facilities - Buy home & commercial indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures at discount prices

Manufacturer of Friction hinges and Torque Hinges - Designer and Manufacturer of engineered and tested Friction hinges and Torque hinges.

Atlas Lighting Supply - Wholesale prices on Light Fixtures, lamps, ballasts, light bulbs, flood lights and related items. If you don't see it on our site just call or e-mail for pricing.

Facility City

Facilities Net

Facilities Management Directory United Kingdom


Springfield Resources

Cross reference: Pipe


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American Boiler Manufacturers Association
Automated Buildings Net Resources - Online resource for automation, process control, and
instrumentation professionals with industry news, articles, product
information, application tools, job search, directory of manufacturers and
system integrators, product classifieds, and more. - The online forum for control engineers, system integrators, and industrial automation professionals.
Downtime Central - Exploring the True Cost of manufacturing downtime. Research and information provided. Help managers justify maintenance cost. Machine downtime survey, reports, power point presentations, resources, all for free. released its first version late this summer and already contains over 1000 registrants. Registrants list themselves through our likert-scale database ranking system. They may choose from over 150 areas of expertise, 95 industries, 9 primary target audiences, 84 countries, and more. Consequently, a very precise searchable database is created for customers looking to hire and contract. Companies/Vendors may also list their general services and/or products.
Emerald Intelligence
Engineer's Digest Online
Maintenance Technology Magazine Online
Manufacturer's Resource Center
Packaging Digest
Plant Maintenance Resource Center
Quality Magazine
Technology Resources ISI®
The Maintenance Engineers Home Page

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Business Industrial Network -  Provides onsite AB PLC5 and SLC500 PLC training.


PLC OEM   PLC Manuals   PLC Training   PLC MSC  

Cutler Hammer
Fuji Electric
  • It's rare to find information on the net about Fuji PLCs, even on their own site. But INDUSTRIAL WATER ENGINEERING LTD. has a little info, and will answer your questions. They are the UK agents for the Fuji programmable logic controllers and have the necessary software and hardware available for checking equipment and for preparing backup inventories of software and logic ladders.

  • Here is the extent of Fuji Electric's information on PLCs. 1/2 page, but we'll keep looking, so check back!


GE Fanuc - PLC-PC Control
Omron Electronics Inc.
PLC Direct/Koyo Now
  • PLCDirect by Koyo offers programmable logic controllers (PLCs) for factory automation in four product families, PC-based control software, along with operator interfaces, programming software, factory network devices, manuals and accessories. This company made the TI 405,305, GE Series 1, Semantic, Siemens, and licensed those companies to put their name on it. Buy direct, and save! We have used their Windows logic ladder software, and found it to be the best. Drag and drop rungs, automatic sequential conversion, and much more!
  • In April 1999, the company changed its name to and launched its e-commerce site. The 1999 catalog grew to 750 pages featuring over 1,000 name brand and private label products. Their same "give the customer what they want; a quality PLC at a reasonable price" methodology is most likely behind their mega web site success. This site has anything and everything you would ever want to know about their PLCs. Yes, including online manuals , Sample PLC programs and PLC Troubleshooting guides.
Rockwell Software Downloads
Siemens SE&A Industrial Website
SoftPLC Resource Library.
Square D
Toshiba PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers)
Triangle Research
Xilinx Support

PLC MSC  PLC Manuals   PLC Training    PLC OEM   

Article: A peak at PLCs
Article: (Why PC based PLCs) Frequently Asked Questions
Article: Achieving Fault-Tolerance with PC-Based Control
Article: Fault Tolerant Control
Article: Trends in programmable logic controllers
Article: What is a PLC?

Online Technical support for ALL PLCs

Find all Japenese PLC and Automation replacement components 

Free Technical Notes on OIT (plc/operator interface)

PLC3 to PLC5 conversion service (Javlyn, inc)

Programming Tools for Siemens PLC Users under Windows


Siemens S7-200 selection guide

The Boolean Embassy(SLC 500 org)

Allen Bradley PLC Narly Palm Pilot Software Specs

PLC Manuals    PLC Training    PLC OEM    PLC MSC  


Call for Manuals: If you know of other OEM online manuals, 

please send us a link. Thanks

Manuals: Ge Fanuc
Manuals: Siemens  
Manuals: Mitsubishi
Manuals: Rockwell
Manuals: SoftPLC
Manuals: AB
Manuals: Omron
Manuals: PLCDirect
Manuals: Triangle Research (TRI)
Manuals: Old Cutler Hammer New Cutler Hammer
Manuals: Westinghouse
Manuals: Modicon/Gould  Compact, Micro, Momentum, Nano, Premium, Quantum, Modicon Atrium, More 
Manuals: Square D
Manuals: Reliance
Manuals: Toshiba, T-Series Manuals , EX-Series Manuals

PLC Training    PLC Manuals    PLC OEM    PLC MSC  

Training: Free PLC Online Tutor (
Training: Free PLC training material (
Training: Free PLC training support material (
Training: PLCTutor and MotorConTutor (
Training:  Free ladder logic program editor with simulator
Training:  PLC Simulation Software (P-SIM 2000)  
Training: Free PLC program examples (from

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Article: A Primer on Cost for COSTLESS
Article: Control of Stepping Motors
Article: Langston-Operating Tips and Procedures
Article: Optimizing the electrolytic process in an aluminum plant (use "Save to File")
Article: Real-time Collaborative Manufacturing
Article: Strategies-Design for Manufacturing
Article: TEARA's Knowledge Quest - About Resistors
Article: Wear Limits Versus Trends
Authorized Motion Control Repair Services (pc board level, motors ,etc)
Construction information, including costs
Contractors: Blue Book of contractors
Contractors: National  Contractors
Fire: Fire Extinguishers
Fire: Fire School Training
Lighting: Lighting products and information
Manuals: Danaher Controls 
OEM Directory
Power Conversion Tech Notes

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Spares Finder

Plant Services MRO
Thomas Regional Industrial Directory

Feed Forward Maintenance - Engineering Books, CDs and Publications. We specialize in industrial engineering. This allows us to deliver best practice facility maintenance, reliability training and manufacturing engineering books, ebooks, software, CDs, free downloads and newsletter.


American Blind and Wallpaper
Balluff Sensors, Transducers, ID Systems
Equal Footing(TM)
Fluidtrols Corporation
Industrial Product Bulletin
Kirby Risk Electrical Supply
Lincoln Associates Corporation
MAC Valves
Micro Plastics Main Index
Micro Switch Products
Motion Control Home Page
Power Converters
Process Technology ( immersion heaters, etc.)
Safety Stickers
Schneider Automation
Thermal Source
TTI, Inc. Electronic control parts
Wagner Industries
Zenith Cutter


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