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Chapter 26 serving the greater St. Louis area.


We would like to invite ALL Engineers, as well as Maintenance Managers, and Building Energy Directors to our A.F.E. monthly meeting. 

Subject: Combined Heat and Power Production (Cogeneration)


Trigen-St. Louis Energy Corporation will be hosting our meeting at the old Union Electric Power Plant north of Laclede's Landing. This event will be Tuesday (Nov. 26, 2002 @ 5:30 P.M.)  

With this tour, we look at a modern retrofit of cogeneration into one of the areas oldest power plants.

Come and network with your St. Louis's A.F.E. End user's in manufacturing and building operations, this is a place where your questions can be answered by all of us working together. (Vendors, Managers: Please bring all of your end users you can, as guest! )

Our group is growing so don't miss out. Members: Don't forget your badges!

Members  Free !     -     1st  time  Guest  Free! 

(all other guest 10$ at the door, to be donated to our AFE Relief fund.)

Frank Kastl (AFE-St Louis President)

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More about this month's tour:

Combined heat and power production, or cogeneration, is as old as the power generation industry itself. Early power plants first utilized the steam to drive reciprocating steam engines coupled to electrical generators, then sent the remaining low-pressure steam to other points for additional uses. Uses of steam and power benefited from the low cost of energy provided by using the same fire twice to achieve two tasks, and at the same time enjoyed the reliability of on-site power production. As long as there was a use for the low-pressure steam, cycle efficiencies could surpass 60%. However, if the low-pressure steam was not utilized for secondary purposes, cycle efficiencies were generally no more than 15%.

Although technologies have changed and efficiencies have increased across the board, the same concepts apply in today's energy marketplace. The utilization of "cogeneration cycle" power yields production efficiencies in excess of 75%, with combined cycle plants in the 50% range and standard cycle plants with efficiencies of 33%. With today's technology these concepts can be applied to large or small operations. By utilizing this efficiency advantage, Trigen-St. Louis Energy Corporation has successfully constructed and operates a 30 MW cogeneration facility in downtown St. Louis. Steam is sold to users on the district energy system, and power is sold on the grid. It may work at your facility, too.

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