A special thanks to those who always volunteer.

Thanks to Our Officers: (Left to Right)-

Chuck (Treasurer), Terry (VP), Frank (President) and Steve (Secretary)

George Corey: 

Thanks for many years donated as AFE St. Louis Chapter President the previous term. George has planned many tours/meetings including our C&R Mechanical Company tour, and our November Meeting at Trane Company (coming soon). Thanks for organizing the 2001 golf outing, serving on our steering committee, as well as supporting our current chapter president, Frank Kastl.


Mike Jaby: 

Thanks for Fabick Power Systems being our corporate sponsor, and hosting  Fabick Power Systems Tour/Meeting. Thanks for putting out the Christmas party flyer, and serving on our steering committee.


Terry Bremmer: (AFE Chapter 26, VP)

Thanks for hosting our Guarantee Electrical Co./Meeting. and coordinating the upcoming March meeting with FBI on terrorism. Thanks for being our AFE photographer and serving on the steering committee. Thanks for chairing the committee to run the 2002 golf tournament and to raise money for our chapter.


Robert Stortz: 

Thanks for serving on our steering committee, your valuable insight and your future commitment to our AFE Chapter. Especaily, thanks for never missing a meeting!


Don Fitchett: (AFE Chapter 26, Webmaster)

Thanks for designing and maintaining our AFE St. Louis Web site, and newsletters. Thanks for representing us at the national meeting in Vegas and serving on past steering committees.


Robert Creech: 

Thanks for hosting our Laclede Gas building tour/meeting and serving on the steering committee.