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Check back here for some great up and coming 2004 events for our members and guest...


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 Feed Forward Maintenance - Engineering Books, CDs and Publication has reduced their prices under new ownership.

Now you can receive maintenance and reliability training at a great price! Check out the new website at 

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The ranks of CPE®s include over 4,000 strong and growing. CPE®s are filled with success stories of job promotions, substantial pay raises and exciting new career opportunities as a direct result of becoming a CPE®. There is simply no better way to demonstrate your expertise in all areas of plant/facilities engineering than becoming a CPE®.

To get complete information on your eligibility for the CPE®, how to apply, how to obtain the official CPE® review booklet, and when and where the next CPE® Review Programs and Exams will take place, contact Allison Reis at (513) 489-2473 or

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   AFE National:

  • Gearing up for our 50th next year.
  • Partnering up with IFMA in Dallas to co-show World Workplace & Facilities America.
  • We are completing a ABET accreditation for our CPE program.  

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Now is a great time to join the AFE St. Louis chapter.


AFE St. Louis Newsletter !


Please support your local chapter by contacting us.

I am writing to let you know that Frank Kastl , is resigning from his position as chapter president at the end of this year.  Terry Bremer, the current chapter vice president has also stated that he is going back to school, so he will not have the time to assist with chapter activities.

Do not worry.  AFE is making a commitment to help the chapter stay active.  But we need your help to do so.  The chapter is yours, so we are seeking a few members who are interested in taking on chapter leadership roles.  It isn't necessary that one person shoulder the entire chapter responsibility — we hope you will build a local team of members who represent the diversity of AFE membership.  It doesn’t matter what kind of facility you represent — be it a manufacturing facility, a hospital, a school, a hotel, or any other kind of facility — the chapter programming and new leadership will reflect the needs of all the members.

 We have put together an interim team to support the chapter activities.  But the future of the chapter rests with you, the local members.  So if you're interested in being a member of the leadership team, please contact one of the following people.

 Reed Lillard, AFE President-elect — 816-770-2550 (H) -

John Schuech, AFE VP Membership — 913-908-4937 (W) –

Don Fitchett, AFE St. Louis Chapter webmaster — 573-547-5630 (W) –

Kent Klug, AFE 2004 RVP — 913-851-0669 (H) –

Anne Jacobson, AFE Membership Director — 513-489-2473 –

Dottie Mangold, AFE Chapter Relations Manager — 513-489-2473 –

 You don't have to specify what position you're interested in, just let us know that you want to become involved.  With a handful of dedicated individuals working together as a team the workload is shared and much can be accomplished.  You'll have the support of AFE region and national leadership, plus all the resources available to chapters from AFE headquarters. 

 AFE chapters give members a chance to network locally.  You'll find answers to problems, find local resources, build a group of trusted advisors, see local best practices, grow your business, and gain new skills — all in your own hometown. 

 So if you've been thinking about getting involved, now is the perfect time.  Won't you give one of us a call and say you're willing to help your chapter?


 Jerry Hagen

2003 AFE President


Next Meeting February 2004


We would like to invite ALL Engineers to our next A.F.E. monthly meeting. It doesn’t matter what kind of facility you represent — be it a manufacturing facility, a hospital, a school, a hotel, or any other kind of facility — the chapter programming and new leadership will reflect the needs of all the members.


August presentation



February, 2004 beginning at 5:00 P.M.

Planning Meeting 

Meeting Location: 

To be announced, have a great week!


Attn AFE Members: 

Your attendance is needed at the  meeting. The purpose of the meeting will be to discuss and determine the direction of the St. Louis Chapter for this year.


With the new year, we also need new officers. Many members of the current executive committee have been in office for over two years, some three years. Please consider participating in the St. Louis Chapter by volunteering to be an officer.


details and RSVP coming soon

  New resources available - "The Best company to work for list" Not just a list of the top of the top 100 company to work for, but actual links to each company's employment application area of each best company to work for with a current real employment opportunity. Even better, the list is in order of companies planning to do the most hiring !  


Our November Meeting:

 No pictures Available


Out with the old, in with the new

Old 2003 AFE Chapter officers said their goodbyes.

New AFE St. Louis plans are being made with the full support of our Regional and National leadership! Keep checking back for more details !  

(No Details Available)

We exist because of the continued support of our Sponsors. Chapter 26 thanks ALL of them for their continued support! 



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