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Learn, Lead, and Influence

Our most popular slogan also is the difference between active members, and in-active. Being an active member is not only self gratifying, but offers many other indirect rewards. We challenge all our St. Louis Chapter members to volunteer their valuable knowledge, a little bit of time, and see how AFE improves your life.

Please check mark the items you may be interested in volunteering for, and we will email you more information.


By Certification process.   

I am interested in participating     /starting a study group.

By tours of facilities.   

I am interested in participating     /hosting a tour for the AFE St. Louis monthly meeting.

A brief description of type of tour or event please:

By networking with your peers.   

I am interested in participating     / hosting a discussion group on AFE St. Louis web site. 

A brief description of discussion topic please:

By participating in events.   

I am interested in participating     /hostingfor the AFE St. Louis monthly meeting.

A brief description of type of event or event please:

By attending training sessions.   

I am interested in receiving      or giving a training session for AFE St. Louis members.

A brief description of training topic please:

By serving on a committee.    

I am interested in serving on a committee for            

            If other, please specify...     



By example, attending monthly meetings, and reply to member's emails promptly.

I would like to share an example of by an AFE St. Louis member, in our chapter news letter.

The honorable member's name was .

Chair a committee.

 I would like to be considered to chair on committee.

If other, please specify...

Teach a class.

I would be willing to give a class on the following topics...

Donate an article to our web site and/or newsletter.

I would like to author an article on the following topics...




Participate in studies to set standards.
Share your views at meetings.
Be a speaker at one of our events.
Share your knowledge with our members.

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