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Facility Power

Stop; please take a moment to consider what would be your hourly cost if an unplanned power outage shut down your entire facility.

How much risk is your facility taking with it's high voltage system? "High voltage should have high priority in your preventive maintenance program." Do you have a plan for power outages? Do not wait until it is as bad as California, prepare with this 3-step system.

Electrical Preventative Maintenance (EPM):

An electrical panel that serves a portion of a building which supplies computer could cost a company $30,000 per hour if it went down. A complete electrical preventative maintenance program on this panel, including testing, cleaning and tightening, typically costs less than $150." AFE Member, Terry Bremer (of Guarantee Electric) has donated a power point presentation help insure you have your bases covered with a focused EPM program. "Think of preventative maintenance for electrical systems as a form of health insurance: doing something is much better than doing nothing at all." Are you giving High Voltage Systems, the High Priority it needs? Check out Terry's presentation, and reduce the risk of an outage.


  • Everyone should have an inexpensive handheld infrared thermometer.

  • Use ultrasound device to check for high voltage loose connections.

  • Some Electrical Preventive Maintenance is better than none, do what you can afford.

  • While testing transformer oil, if no oil comes out of the drain, stop and call a professional or the results could be catastrophic.

  • High voltage should be your high priority in your EPM program.


A 3-step Rental Power Planner:

Plan before lightning strikes !AFE Member, Mike Jaby (of Fabick Power Systems) has donated a three-step guide to planning for power outages. Cover your bases completely, after a good EPM implementation, have a power backup plan in place. Check out Caterpillar's "Rental Power ". Also check out this detailed article on Planning Emergency Power, donated by John Swanson, International Rental Manager within the Electric Power Generation Product Group of Caterpillar, Inc., based in Mossville, Illinois, USA.The lifeblood of your business is reliable electric power. Rental ensures that you'll never be without it.


  1. Determine your facility's electrical load.

  2. Know where to rent generator set.

  3. Answer the basics, save time and money.

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