Delivering Relief to the 911 Victims

AFE hand delivers first check to Facilities Personnel who fell victim to the attacks of Sept. 11th.

Our prayers go out to those victims of the attack on America, and their families.


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Helping families of the 17 "confirmed missing" ABM employees who worked in janitorial services, window washing, maintenance and facilities engineering. 

Months have passed and other than some inconveniences and some apprehension, our lives have returned for the most part back to "normal".

However, the pain is still there for the families piecing their lives together after losing their caretakers, fathers, mothers, brothers, sons and daughters. After a great deal of effort by both staff, board, and chapter leaders we now know his name and several of his colleagues.

For those who do not know already, to support the  victims families during the holidays, the funds we have collected thus far will be added to the ABM fund that is helping families of the 17 "confirmed missing" ABM employees who worked in janitorial services, window washing, maintenance and facilities engineering. 
Names, profiles, pictures and anecdotes about their lives will be distributed in the near future. 

To kick off long term fundraising relief effort, Monday night, December 10th, the Long Island Chapter President and myself will be handing the Human Resource Manager, Mr. Bernie Patton of the ABM Corporation the first of hopefully many future checks during the chapter Christmas Party. It is for $3100.

We will be recognizing each employee as an "HONORARY AFE MEMBER" and hope to feature them on a perhaps special section of our Web of Fame.

Again we hope this is the first of several checks. Many of our recipients were at the bottom of the economic ladder and did not have large insurance plans and other resources available.  Our efforts will make a difference but we need to do more. 

These families of our brothers and sisters of our profession still need our help. Please, quickly put out the word to the regions and chapters to help these families further.

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How can you help victims of the recent attack?

AFE has a Relief Fund for those Facility personnel who fell victim to the 9-11 attack. Please click here to learn more.

Excerpt lines from the 9/11 poem.

"I lost a brother, today.

...I wish I knew his name."


If you need to find a family member affected by the disaster:
American Airlines 1-800-245-0999
United Airlines 1-800-932-8555

Navy/Marines 1-877-663-6772
US Air Force 1-800-253-9276
US Army (Military District of Washington) 1-800-477-9571
DoD Compassion Center for non-uniformed DoD employees at the Pentagon: 1-800-833-6622

Find resources to help you put an emergency plan together.

Let's set a goal of 100k for 2002. That averages to only a $1000 per AFE chapter.  Together we can make a big difference. With golf tournaments, extract bottles, raffles and other methods, we should be able to raise it quickly. Our deepest appreciation goes out to Scot Foss for getting this effort off of the ground with his $1000 donation.

We need to also thank Jeanna, Gabby, Patrick  and the rest of the team for all of their labor to promote and organize this activity. Also many of the board, including Mr Hagen, Mr Henry, Mr Danner, Mr Sovic, Mr Dunn and Mr Campbell, Mr Stock, Mr Marcus Caltabiano, Long Island Chapter President and membership committee members, especially Mr Scott Cummings,  were instrumental in mobilizing this effort.

Our treasurer,  Mr Hagen deserves special recognition for his all of hard work and effort working the phones this week to pull this together with ABM and the Long Island chapter to make sure the check will be dispersed before Christmas.

THANK YOU All, who have contributed to this important cause and who will give to it in the future. It is very important that we give to these families and our profession. After all that is why we exist to elevate our profession.

Best Regards

Joel A. Leonard, a southern boy, who has never driven in NEW YORK CITY before. Please say a prayer for me and maybe one for NY too. Should be an adventure! 

PS-On Dec.14th, Marcus and I will be providing special AFE Certificates of Appreciation to a couple of municipal maintenance departments who were involved and affected by 9/11. We will be visiting "Ground Zero" --Will be taking numerous pictures.