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The Future of Manufacturing

This is the third article about current events shaping the Manufacturing Industry. These article are about the current industrial revolution, but most of the innovations will soon be standards in the industry.

A new "sixth sense" about the operating condition of equipment:

Find leaks in compressed air systems, worn bearings, electrical corona, valve trouble, etc.The vision of CTRL Systems, Inc. for the future is that all operators, technicians, engineers, and mechanics have access to and knowledge of ultrasound diagnostics. This powerful technology provides engineering, operations, maintenance, safety and quality control personnel a whole new "sixth sense" about the operating condition of equipment. It allows them to distinguish and isolate current operating condition of individual components. This capability has not been previously available.

CTRL strives to integrate the highest quality ultrasound hand-held tools and software into condition-based monitoring solutions for engineering, operations, maintenance, safety and quality control departments. These solutions provide feedback in a practical, affordable way, and easy-to-use manner so that decisions can be made.

With CTRL solutions, it becomes possible for engineering, safety, operations, maintenance and quality control personnel to diagnose specific components that are malfunctioning. CTRL is dedicated to including multimedia training and support so that all users may obtain the maximum benefit from its ultrasound diagnostic tools, signal processing and deviation analysis software, and computerized maintenance management software. CTRL supports a worldwide distribution channel with on site training and joint end user calls so that the technology is available to diagnose difficult problems.

CTRL SYSTEMS,2407 W Vandalia Rd, Greensboro NC 27407
phone 336 855 3571 , fax 336 855 7254 or

To sum up, with the ever increasing complicity of equipment in today's manufacturing industry, you need a "6th Sense" to compete. The technology is advancing at a quicker rate than our maintenance and engineers can keep up with. The only answer is a sound marriage of technology with data analysis, backed by individuals networking together. You don't have to know it all, just know who to contact when you need more information.

The formula: 

Technology > Data > Computers > Network of People = The Solution

The UL101 was delivered to the International Space Station (ISS) to be used during the first year mission for various applications, including the detection of gas leaks from the ISS into the space vacuum.

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I want to thank Joel A Leonard (Regional Sales Manager), for sharing this information about this innovative new product. Joel is also AFE VP of Membership. Please show your support of our fellow members and their companies by contacting them.

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