Letter from AFE's St. Louis Chapter President

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Let me take this opportunity to introduce myself.  I am Frank Kastl, Chapter President of the Association for Facilities Engineering’s St. Louis Chapter, the AFE chapter that represents the greater St. Louis area.  Our chapter, now re-organizing and growing quickly, has several activities in your state to support facilities engineers and other top management professionals representing a cross-section of industry.

 For years, I have realized the power of networking with individuals in my Industry. So much that I started an “End Users Group” that met once a month. We took tours of St. Louis facilities, help each other in our careers, share ideas, and just had fun socializing with individuals who have common interest. Now our small group has seen the advantages of a great organization like Association for Facilities Engineering, and joined the ranks. As our St. Louis chapter grows, we are seeing even more benefits. I only hope that you too, will see the benefits of being a member, as we have.

 AFE offers many services at the national level.  However, there is another dimension of AFE that I encourage you to participate with -- the local St. Louis chapter. Our members are loyal to each other, opening doors that other wise may be shut. Whether you are buying, selling, designing, building or just trying to fix a problem; we have members who can help.

 If you are not already a member of our chapter, I hope that you will decide to join.  For more information about chapter membership, please “comments” button to your left.  Also feel free to drop me an email any time, at president@afestlouis.org


Frank Kastl, Chapter President
The Association for Facilities Engineering- St. Louis Chapter 26