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Facilities Engineering

Chuck's Corner

Our Members Forum:





Chuck Mueller (CPMM/CPE), is AFE St. Louis Chapter Treasurer and your host in this forum. "We wanted to do our discussion forum a little different than the others you may find on the internet. This is a Members Only, online tool to get your questions answered without getting on a mail list or having to wait weeks for your reply. Please submit a question, and myself and other members will give you an answer. Thanks Chuck


The latest question asked and answered...

Short Description: What would be the best lining for a hot water storage tank ? 

The steering committee have a great year planned for us, as well as some tentative plans for all of 2002! 


st. louis Click to read about our 2nd annual golf classic coming up.


Vendors: If you have interest in sponsoring a hole or any other part of our golf tournament, please contact


manufacturing Please visit the online calendar at ...
to see more great events AFE has in store for you. You can even RSVP for our June meeting on the "True Cost of Manufacturing Downtime"

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St. Louis May Meeting/Tour :

power quality

End User's in the St. Louis Area

   Fabick Power Systems will be hosting our meeting on  "Power Quality".

Fabick Power Systems will also have a barbeque for this event. This event will be Tuesday (May 28, 2002 @ 5:30 P.M.)  in their facility located at 101 Fabick Drive, Fenton, MO 63026.

Please click here to learn more.

 Our group is growing so don't miss out. Members: Don't forget your badges!

  Come and network with your St. Louis's A.F.E. Make some friends, eat, and have fun. 

RSVPs Now 

(Click above for RSVP form)

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The latest job opening added to our online career resource area ...

Production Manager for a company that manufactures food processing equipment.  Job is in Chicago/Milwaukee  area. Job to oversee the manufacturing (75 people) and coordinate the manufacturing with the rest of the company.   Costing, tooling, manufacturing, negotiating, budgeting....
Engineering degree desired and 8-10 years experience.  Company has been in business for 50 plus years,  good opportunity. (contact: )

Please visit

to see 5 other new job postings!



DATE: Wednesday May 8, 2002 

TIME: 7:30 am - 11:30 am 

WHERE: The Viking Conference Center Watson and Lindbergh Blvd.


Our chapter president will be speaking on energy savings ideas and promoting AFE.

Please go online and right click here to download the details and RSVP!

It's Your Chapter, what do you want it to be?

Being an active member is not only self gratifying, but offers many other indirect rewards. We challenge all our St. Louis Chapter members to volunteer their valuable knowledge, a little bit of time, and see how AFE improves your life. (Don)

St. Louis Members, please go to our web site and complete the Members Survey.

Other Announcements pending

Need Help or Advice?

Please check out our new discussion area "Chuck's Corner".

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Help with homeland security

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Vendors, you can support your local St. Louis Chapter, and reap great rewards by advertising on this site. click here. We are also constantly adding fun and valuable resources to, so please check back on the website often. Feedback on the site and the Newsletter would be very much appreciated. 

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Get Involved

In your St. Louis Chapter

Learn, Lead, and Influence

Frank (our Chapter President), returns from the AFE Regional meeting with ...

Exciting news- that our St. Louis chapter 26  is the fastest growing chapter in region 9. Our regional director believes that our success has stemmed from our three goals, we have to have fun, be educational, and network.

Also -with three key areas that we are going to focus development on.
1. Youth education.  
2. Membership development. 

3. New Membership. 


Frank goes on to say ...

 Now that's a beautiful thing. Anyone can have al1 of this for about $15.00 dollar a month.
I am proud to say that we have the best regional leadership in AFE. This is a powerful tool  using our national organization to network with others.
This is why I am so excited  with this type of education I will be able to lower cost for my employer.

Please give us your support and input by completing the online member survey at ...

Click here to learn more about our upcoming 2002 convention in New Orleans!

Thru involvement you can fully experience AFE's resources to help you learn, lead, and influence. We have a lot of fun and educational events planned. Please take part in the planning and other activities. We challenge all our St. Louis Chapter members to get involved,  and see how AFE improves your life.


One of our own local St. Louis members is showing support and getting involved by being a speaker at FA2002! Please show your support by making plans to attend this educational event.

AFE has a Relief Fund for those Facility personnel who fell victim to the 9-11 attack. Let's set a goal for our chapter to raise at least one thousand dollars. 

Thanks to all those at the April meeting who donated to the AFE relief fund when we passed the hat around. We collected $110 including door fees donated.

Please forward us any creative ideas or donations. Thanks

Please click here to learn more.

Click here to see how we are personally delivering your donations to the victims.

St. Louis Meeting:

indoor air quality

Protecting Buildings and Their Occupants From Airborne Hazards (Indoor air quality)


We want to thank all the great folks at C&R Mechanical Company, for hosting our meeting, providing the dinner and drinks! For those who could not make it, you can read about the tour in this news letter and online.

(Click to read about indoor air quality meeting and view pictures)

We exist because of the continued support of our Sponsors. Chapter 26 thanks ALL of them for their continued support! 

Student Chapter:

Please help our members at Southern Illinois University, by contacting Dr.
at SIU, to see what you can do to support our new student chapter.

These students are our future; let's invest a little time in our future.

AFE National:

Members: For details, please contact your chapter or regional officers.

Please visit our National site for More National News 

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