AFE-St. Louis's May Meeting/Tour

Fabick Power Systems - Oil analysis - Diesel Analysis

St. Louis Chapter 26 would like to express a special Thank You to 

Joe Huley - General Manager

Mike Jaby - Product Support Rep.
Linda Lovejoy - Oil Lab Supervisor

Dara Danz - Fabick Power Systems employee


along with all the great folks at Fabick Power Systems, for hosting our meeting, providing a great BBQ and giving us a very educational event. 

Thanks to all those members who showed their support by attending. We look forward to seeing you again at next month's meeting. To all our guests, we hope you found this event interesting. This is just one of the many benefits of belonging to our organization. We will enjoy seeing you at the next meeting. We hope that you all join the Association for Facilities Engineering.

Frank Kastl

President-AFE St. Louis (Chapter 26)

The Meeting:

Frank Kastl started out the meeting with a few announcements and having everyone introduce themselves. Joe Huley (Fabick General Manager) followed up by an introduction and warm welcome. We had a large turnout, so Mike Jaby (Fabick Product Support Rep.) divided us into 3 tour groups.

The Tours:

Oil analysis Lab

They say Scheduled Oil Sampling (SOS) is the best preventative maintenance money can buy. We all where amazed at Fabick's oil sample analysis price that $13 individually, 10$ if you buy them six at a time. What a return on your investment, just $10 to save thousands! We learned of oil testing  by talking with Oil Lab Supervisor, Linda Lovejoy.

Diesel Fuel Analysis

We learned in the Diesel Fuel analysis power point presentation that it is a common misconception that fiberglass diesel storage tanks are immune to micro-organisms eating away at the tank. Diesel fuel starts to deteriorate after 1 month of storage. With long-term storage it is important to add supplementary inhibitors as soon as possible, since they have less effect when the fuels have already started to deteriorate. 

Have Fabick take a test sample soon, because the sludge settling in your tank won't work with the fuel injectors. In summary, keep your storage tank cool but not cold, checked for water monthly (more in winter), and keep storage tank full. The cleanest fuel is normally found at the uppermost level of the fuel. So take your fuel from the top of the tank, and your test samples from the bottom.

Portable Air Conditioning Units

Fabick used their portable chiller unit to cool the outside area where tables where set up. It was a real demonstration of how powerful the units are. We had to adjust the temperature because we where getting cold even though we where outside in the summer time! 

  • Provide comfort for an outdoor picnic, reception or show.
  • Cool a building shell for worker comfort during construction.
  • Back-up installed chillers during peak summer temperatures.

chillerPortable Chiller Units

The most important tip given to those who's facilities are dependant on chiller units is to insure you have the "T" connectors in place. This way if you chiller units go down, Fabick can quickly connect a back up chiller and save you downtime.


Portable Generators, UPS 

ups power systemA 2000 kilowatt sound attenuated portable generator with a load bank connected to the generator and the flywheel UPS for the live demonstrations. For demonstration purposes they operated the generator and placed it under maximum load with their load bank to demonstrate the sound attenuation of this unit.

Electrical power systems supply both primary and standby power for a variety of uses - like off-shore oil rigs, huge mines in remote deserts or mountain ranges, entire communities in areas not close to a utility power grid, hospitals, schools, factories, airports and office buildings.


Caterpillar has come out with a new line of switchgear that uses touch screen technology to display and control the emergency power supply system. Being modular in design and with the smallest footprint in the industry, Fabick demonstrated the automatic starting of 3 generators with the automated switchgear.

Fabick explained features such as three-phase sensing and adjustable volts-per-hertz regulation give precise control, excellent block loading, and constant voltage in the normal operating range.


oil analysisFabick had refreshments and drinks which were served underneath the overhang of their shop. Fabick's generosity witnessed by the AFE St. Louis chapter also with free giveaways. They gave away shirts, jacket, drink coolers. 



Thanks to those who attended, hope to see more of you in our engineering ranks at our next meeting on The True Cost of Downtime of Equipment.

Thanks Again Fabick Power Systems, for the great time!

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