MEMC Electronic Materials - manufacturer of silicon wafers for the semiconductor industry

AFE-St. Louis's March Tour

Silicon Wafer Manufacturing Tour: MEMC Electronic Materials, Inc.

St. Louis Chapter 26 would like to express a special Thank You to 

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  for hosting the tour, the presentation and a special thanks to our dinner sponsors.  

Thanks to all those members who showed their support by attending. We look forward to seeing you again at next month's meeting. To all our guests, we hope you found this meeting a growth experience. This is just one of the many benefits of belonging to our organization. We will enjoy seeing you at the next meeting. We hope that you all join the Association for Facilities Engineering.

Frank Kastl

President-AFE St. Louis (Chapter 26)

Below are the minutes from this meeting taken by AFE St. Louis Chapter Secretary, Mike Jaby. Please click on pictures to see full size. This months tour was MEMC and was followed by dinner at Steffanina's restaurant.

Topic: Silicon Wafer Manufacturing

Meeting Began: 5:05 PM

MEMC is the world’s largest public company solely devoted to the supply of wafers to semiconductor device manufacturers.

Questions were answered concerning the manufacturing process shown on the video.wafer

 semiconductorAt this point we started our tour of the plant the tour showed how the ingots are developed and then proceeded to show how the ingots were sliced into wafers. We then viewed the polishing process and saw how the finished wafers are prepared for shipment.

Thanks to those who attended, hope to see more of you in our engineering ranks at our next meeting.

Thanks Again MEMC Electronic Materials, Inc. , for the great time!

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 AFE Members: We exist because of the continued support of our Sponsors.  When you have needs, please show your appreciation by contacting them.

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