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This Month:

LeakZone offers new online training programs

They have been hard at work putting together some of the best online training programs in the area of leak detection for their newsletter members and web site visitors.

These programs are free to access and require a Windows or Real media player and a quick registration.  

Click on a subject below to begin:

Compressed Air Leak Detection Paul Tashian covers the economics and the techniques required to implement a successful compressed air leak detection program.  Compressed Air Leak Detection programs generate is one the quickest Return on Investments (ROI) of almost any other type of project you can start to improve reliability at your plant.  Equipment selection as well as the advantages of utilizing contractors versus in-house resources are also covered in this 15 minute training session.  

For more online training click LeakZone

Check out there "Tips of the Week" -- > Click Here !

The Consumer Review Site for

The Plant Reliability Community

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

Robert Hansen is back at Reliabilityweb.com with a new online training program for Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).  This 23 minute program covers the formulas as well as offering advice to use them.

Click here to start the training program*

*Media Player and a quick registration required.

The steering committee have a great year planned for us, as well as some tentative plans for all of 2002! 


st. louis Click to read about our 2nd annual golf classic coming up.


Vendors: If you have interest in sponsoring a hole or any other part of our golf tournament, please contact webmaster@afestlouis.org


  Please visit the online calendar at ...

to see more great events AFE has in store for you. 

Top of page www.AFEStLouis.org

St. Louis Meeting: "The True Cost of Equipment Downtime"

power quality

End User's in the St. Louis Area

The latest methodology on realizing the "True" cost of downtime can be applied to Manufacturing, Building Maintenance, even your IT equipment.


  This valuable information will give you the power to cost justify your much need equipment, upgrades and repairs!

Metropolitan Square will be hosting our meeting with guest speaker and AFE St. Louis member, Don Fitchett. This event will be Tuesday (June 25, 2002 @ 5:30 P.M.)  Met Square is located at 211 N. Broadway, St. Louis, MO 63102.

Please click here to learn more.

 Our group is growing so don't miss out. Members: Don't forget your badges!

  Come and network with your St. Louis's A.F.E. Make some friends, eat, and have fun. 

RSVPs Now 

(Click above for RSVP form)

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 Overall Equipment Effectiveness: A...



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Click here to learn more about our upcoming 2002 convention in New Orleans!

Click here to learn more about Facilities America 2002.

This year, Fred's team has done an outstanding job of pulling together Top Speakers. John Moubray is credited for perfecting RCM. He alone is reason of  to attend the conference.   

Clark Wigley of Adizes Inst is going to provide a full day session on how accelerate business success. Adizes Inst created the model Corporate Lifecycles.   

Rex Gallaher is a true Maintenance Executive with extensive insight on how to manage maintenance in a variety of different cultures with a very restrictive comp plan and bureaucratic employer, US Govt.  Yet his team has performed results better than industry in numerous key performance areas. 

Joe McMullen, former AFE Intern, 30 years ago, of Michelin has created a European style apprenticeship program in the US. 

Terrence O'hanlon has founded and developed a Reliability Engineering Portal for our industry. He provides a wealth of information and is a fantastic speaker.   

This year will have numerous opportunities to Listen, Learn, Lead and Influence AND TO HAVE SOME FUN!!!   We will have special passes to get into any location on Bourbon Street.  Lets make sure we don't let Freds team's efforts go in vain by having mediocre attendance. 

Joel Leonard

One of our own local St. Louis members (Don Fitchett) is showing support and getting involved by being a speaker at FA2002! Please show your support by making plans to attend this educational event. Click here

Maintenance Excellence Poster

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Life Cycle Engineering, the nation's premier provider of maintenance solutions, proudly releases the first edition of Maintenance Excellence News.
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St. Louis Meeting:

Fabick Power Systems - Oil analysis - Diesel Analysis


We want to thank all the great folks at Fabick Power Systems, for hosting our meeting, providing the BBQ, drinks and gifts ! For those who could not make it, you can read about the tour in this news letter and online.

(Click to read about Fabick Power Systems Tour and view pictures)

We exist because of the continued support of our Sponsors. Chapter 26 thanks ALL of them for their continued support! 

Student Chapter:

Please help our members at Southern Illinois University, by contacting Dr.
at SIU, to see what you can do to support our new student chapter.

These students are our future; let's invest a little time in our future.

AFE National:

Members: For details, please contact your chapter or regional officers.

Please visit our National site for More National News 


Breaking news stories, in-depth analysis of top issues, and helpful features make FacilitiesNet a great site for facility professionals across America. Here are some of the new features and articles that are now available:

1. U.S. Power Deregulation Stalls in Post-Enron World
Enron's collapse and a slew of new trading scandals are slowing the pace of retail electric deregulation in the United States, already reeling from California's energy crisis, industry analysts say.
Click here for full story.

2. Seven Myths of the Electronic Age To get the benefits of powerful software tools, facility executives must have a clear idea of what they're getting into.
Click here fore full story.

3. Go Ahead and Ask - Where can I find resources on staff scheduling? What companies offer portable HVAC Systems? How are school districts in Texas preparing for energy deregulation? You've got questions...now get answers. Post your questions on our bulletin boards and get answers from your peers. 

Click here to ask.

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