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AFE-St. Louis's July Meeting

Trane Learning Center

Refrigeration Cycle, Oil Cycle, and Purge

St. Louis Chapter 26 would like to express a special Thank You to 

 Rich Mueller - Trane Learning Center

 Mike Rolfes -  Trane Learning Center


Thank you Trane Learning Center for hosting our meeting and the chilling facts about refrigeration,  providing dinner and the free St. Louis Cardinals Tickets.  

Thanks to all those members who showed their support by attending. We look forward to seeing you again at next month's meeting. To all our guests, we hope you found this meeting to be a great learning experience. This is just one of the many benefits of belonging to our organization. We will enjoy seeing you at the next meeting. We hope that you all join the Association for Facilities Engineering.

Frank Kastl

President-AFE St. Louis (Chapter 26)

Below are the minutes from this meeting taken by AFE St. Louis Chapter Secretary, Mike Jaby. Please click on pictures to see full size. This months meeting was at Trane Learning Center with speakers Rich Mueller. Mike Rolfes (Trane Sales), also fielded some questions by our group.

Date: July 29, 2003

Location: Trane Learning Center

Host: Trane Learning Center

Topic: Chillers, Refrigeration Cycle, Oil Cycle, and Purge.

Meeting Began: 5:00 PM

Two lucky guest won Free St. Louis Cardinal Tickets given away by Trane!

5:00 PM - Frank Kastl made opening comments, discussed golf tournament, November meeting which will be a planning meeting regarding the future of AFE for next year.

5:20 PM - Rich Mueller with Trane provided training on the basics of refrigeration and the pressure temperatures coalition of Freon. Described basis operations of different types of chillers, 2-stage, 3 stage, purge etc.

6:50 PM - Frank made closing comments. Discussed the need for members to participate and the need for new officers for next year.

7:00 PM - Meeting Adjourned

If you missed our meeting, please see for your facility training needs. 

Thanks Again Trane Learning Center, for the great learning experience!

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