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Spot Light:

New Newsletter format and content via your  web site!

By requesting to be on our newsletter mail list, you will receive by email...

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The month of July  newsletter was a little late. Hey, editors need a vacation once in while too.:>) Hope you find it informative and insightful. We encourage you to follow up your readings, with a visit to the online version of our newsletter. Online you will have links that lead to sponsors, member companies, contacts in the industry, and many more pages organized so you can pursue your particular interest.

Most importantly, online you have feedback interfaces, so you can interact and shape the news you receive. At AFE, we want you to have the news and be a part of it. We need members for the Newsletter and membership committees. Please sign up for committees before September by clicking here.

This Month:

"The Future of Manufacturing" series.

Last month we started an editorial report about current events shaping the Manufacturing Industry. This month we add a second article about a new technology that will streamline your predictive maintenance.

Click here to go directly to "Sixth Sense"

Our Chapter President (Frank) sets primary directive for our events.

Have Fun!

Next AFE Tour and Meeting.

August monthly meeting will be the Gulf event! Don't wait till it's too late to get involved.

See below for July Meeting.

St. Louis Meeting-Tour:

End User's In the St. Louis Area

This meeting will be held Tuesday (July 31, 2001 @ 5:00 P.M.) at Guarantee Electrical Co., 3405 Bent Ave, Saint Louis, MO, 63116-2601.

A.F.E. member Terry Bremer, P.E. and associates will give us a demonstration on of the latest technology in electrical preventive maintenance, including high voltage testing. Guarantee Electrical will provide food and refreshments. 

This is a must attend meeting. Our group is growing so don't miss out. Come and network with your St. Louis's A.F.E. End user's of energy, new ideas of building and manufacturing operations, and a place where your questions can be answered by all of us working together. (Vendors: Bring 2 of your end users, as guest!)

Click here to RSVP  (required)

Please use "comment" button on left to submit an AFE related article for the AFEStLouis newsletter.

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AFE St. Louis Web Site

AFE St. Louis chapter's  World Class web site, AFEStLouis.Org, is growing.

With the theme "Your gateway to the World", we designed the site as a portal for attracting and retaining new members globally. We are sending out over 250 Newsletters now. Help others by placing a link to us on your web site. Please give us feed back on the site and the Newsletter by clicking the "Comments" button on the left.

Get Involved

In your St. Louis Chapter

Learn, Lead, and Influence

Our most popular slogan also is the difference between active members, and in-active. Being an active member is not only self gratify, but offers many other indirect rewards. There are a lot of fun and educational events being planned for you. Please take part in the planning and other activities. We challenge all our St. Louis Chapter members to get involved,  and see how AFE improves your life.

    New Article on Leadership, a Must Read. 

Keeping it REAL

Dr. John C. Maxwell, expert on leadership training, shares with us 

The Principles for People Development.

Ground Down or Polished Up?

Commentary: To get a good balance and the most benefits out of our chapter, we need to get more "End Users" as members. Please help us to help you and spread the word about our chapter. You can utilize what ever media is at your disposal, and word of mouth.


Tour/Symposium AFE Host: Collect calling cards and post contact's email address on-line for those members who missed them.

Vendors/Speakers: Hand out copies of your speech topic and company information. Providing it on floppies and CDs makes more impact.

Chapter Webmasters: Utilize your web sites to give your sponsors and speakers maximum exposure; request articles to publish on your sites.


St. Louis Tours:

City Lighting Tour

We want to give thanks to the great folks at City Lighting, for hosting our meeting and giving us a most enlightening tour. 

(Click to read about and view pictures)

We exist because of the continued support of our Sponsors. Chapter 26 thanks ALL of them for their continued support! 

Spot vs. Group Re-lamping

A big thanks to Joe Plassmeyer (I/C Sales - OSI) at Sylvania for donating this 28 slide PowerPoint presentation on the cost analysis of spot lamp replacement verses group lamp replacement.

Do you feel like your always changing bulbs in your facility? Then you probably are. :>) View some of the highlights of Joe's presentation online, or right click here to download the full 28 slides. You can use this to educate your management on the cost savings of group re-lamping.

New Student Chapter:

Please help out our members at Southern Illinois University, by contacting Dr.
at SIU, to see what you can do to support our new student chapter.

These students are our future, let's invest a little time in our future.

AFE National:

Please visit our National site for National News 

Facilities America:

Only a couple months till Facilities America 2001

Facilities America 2001 will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada, September 24 thru 28, 2001. Please support our St. Louis member and CEO of Business Industrial Network (Don Fitchett) by attending. He will be speaking on "The true cost of downtime", and how you can save thousands by continuously monitoring the metrics.

Also attendees will benefited from:

Hear well-respected facilities professionals present seminars on a wide range of topics;
Meet and learn from colleagues all over the world;
Participate in review classes and examinations for earning the Certified Plant Engineer and Certified Facilities Maintenance Manager credentials;
See demonstrations and details about products and services from vendors at a first-class trade show; and
Receive the results of the annual FAME (Facilities Management Excellence) contest.

AFE is a 46-year-old, not-for-profit organization that helps its members improve productivity, profitability and performance of the facilities in their charge. Through more than 100 chapters across the country, it offers them relevant information and resources, value-added education and certifications, and opportunities to learn, lead and influence the facilities engineering field.

For more information about Facilities America 2001 see our National Site

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