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Regional Web Site Structure


The standards below are to be used by AFE Regions when they establish Web sites in order to maintain a look and feel to sites related to AFE.  The standards are intended to facilitate member use across all geographies.  The standards will also allow consistent appearance of sponsors’ advertisements, and coordination of any potential national advertising campaigns.

Overall Structure

 The overall structure will be similar to AFE Regions 3, 5, and 6.  The site will have a header, which will appear on the Home page and all other pages within the site, so as to identify the site continuously wherever the use may be.  The pages will have a navigation system on the left side of each page, with a Home button clearly visible on the top of the navigation buttons, or strategically located on the page so as to be visible to the user as much as possible.  Additional buttons should include, but are not limited to, Chapter News, Regional News, Resources (Links), Membership, and Webmaster.  A link to the Webmaster should also be included on each page as well.

 The site MUST NOT be a “frames” site, as the National site is now.  This type of structure restricts links, advertising, and modification.

 The site must be sized so as to fit the screen at all times.  In addition, it is important that significant information be visible as much as possible on the first screen seen.




The header will contain logos and information denoting it as an AFE site.  The logos will be the approved AFE versions, obtained from AFE with permission.  The preferred version of the logo will be the block AFE logo (Exhibit A).  Other versions of the logo may be used to conserve space on the pages, but all logos must use the standard AFE block with proper fonts in the lettering.

The AFE logo will appear on the left side of the header.  The right side of the header will contain either graphics related to the region (map, insignia, picture) or facilities engineering, or a search box or other device to aid navigation.

 The header must be equal to or larger than all advertising on any given page.  The header must not contain any advertising itself.


 Navigation of the site is critical for ease of use.  The use of a navigation column is required.  The column can contain buttons or hyper-text links, but there should be clearly defined sections available to the user.

 Standard buttons or sections are:  Home, Region News, Chapter News, Membership, Resources (Links), and Webmaster contact.

 Other possible buttons or sections, depending on the region, could be:  Scrapbooks, Roster of Chapters and Chapter Officers, Bulletin Board, Job Search.



 Ads can be sold anywhere on a page EXCEPT the header.  Banner ads 468 X 60 pixels can be sold between the header and the body of the content on any page.  Additional space can be provided at the bottom of the pages, within the content, or in the navigation column or news column.

 Advertising file size should be a maximum of 12K, and graphics should be checked for effect on site loads.  Excessive graphics can slow site downloads.


Highlighting News

 Two methods can be used to highlight events within the region:  “Quick News” box or pop-up windows.

 The Quick News box is in a column on the right side of the Home page only.  This contains key information and links to information within the site.  It operates as a type of index to allow users to see and find information of interest quickly.  It can be used to highlight either regional or chapter events and news.

 Pop-up windows can contain the same information as the Quick News column.  The window typically appears when the Home Page is loaded initially by the user.


Exhibit A



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