Dear Leader,

Ground Down or Polished Up?
By Dr. John C. Maxwell

A few years ago a friend was telling me about stopping at a junkyard to get a part for his car (Today they are called recycling centers, back then junkyard was still an acceptable
term!).  As he was making small talk with the owner, he asked him where he got his inventory, assuming most came in as a result of automobile accidents.  "I get a few of my cars from wrecks," the man said.  "But most of them end up here because they are just worn out."

That story made me realize the same is true with people.  When I think about the leaders I know, good leaders who are no longer leading, I realize that a few of them had been in wrecks of some kind.  But the vast majority had just worn down.  Life seems to grow increasingly difficult, and none of us escape the daily grind.  However, I've noticed that people tend to respond differently to identical pressures.  That has led me to this conclusion:

Life is a grindstone.  Whether it grinds you down or polishes you up depends upon what you are made of.

There are several skills that, if cultivated, will allow you to face the same stressors you face today and be better for the experience.

Ground down or polished up?  The choice is really yours to determine.

Your friend,

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