The Power of Networking

The power of networking people together, that is. When two individuals get together to discuss a problem, issue, or topic, they create a third intangible force. This results in solutions and ideas that could never have been obtained by either person individually.

Now imagine, how powerful it would be to brainstorm with 10 individuals.

With Facilities Managers being faced with issues that can cost them thousands of dollars, they have to network, just to remain competitive. This page is designed to be your online guide to discussion groups related to Facilities Engineering and Management.

Granted, you can spend hours- even days searching through or waiting for answers from discussion groups. To help you get to the topic of choice, we have indexed all the quality groups. Try our "Jump to Topic" tool, to skip all the nested pages you would normally go through to find your topic.

The featured discussion sites below, have been surveyed for recent postings and number of postings. Click on their graphic or title to view the main area related to your industry.

Mr. PLC - An Automation Help Site. Download Sample PLC Code. Submit your own code to share with everyone else. Last we checked, Mr. PLC automation forums had a total of 217 replies to 82 Topics!

1000 of messages related to facility reliabilityReliability Mag:


Big on Alignment/Balancing/Vibration (Over 5,000 post. Also has Infrared Thermography, used Equipment, etc. forums.


Your Gateway to the news groups!News Groups:

A powerful new Usenet search feature enables Google users to access the wealth of information contained in more than six months of Usenet newsgroup postings and message threads. Once the full Deja Usenet archive is aded, users will be able to search and browse more than 500 million archived messages with the speed and efficiency of a Google search.

Industry Community: Message boards and marketplace for manufacturers, machinists and engineers.                                TOP



Other Mentionable Communities

Facility City

Ask the Experts Metallography Forum

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Equipment Downtime

My Communities

Ask Me

Industrial Control

Engineering Tips


Reliability Magazine

Society of Mechanical Engineers

News Groups

Industry Community

Other Mentionable Communities


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