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What is "Chuck's Corner"?

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?  What is "Chuck's Corner"?

Reply:  Hi, I'm Chuck Mueller (CPMM), AFE St. Louis Chapter Treasurer and your host in this forum. We wanted to do our discussion forum a little different than the others you may find on the internet. This is a Members Only, online tool to get your questions answered without getting on a mail list or having to wait weeks for your reply. Please submit a question, and myself and/or other members will give you an answer. To make this work, we ask that all members take part in this forum, by responding to the emailed questions as soon as possible. With a little humor and the collective knowledge of our chapter, we all will grow and have fun doing it. Thanks ChuckGoto Top

?  Can I get some stucco repair advice on patching existing stucco?

BIN95's Reply:  Hairline cracks are very difficult to patch without making the repair more noticeable than the defect. Some installers recommend "dusting" with stucco. Cracks between 1 /8 to 1 /4 inch can be repaired by scraping out the topcoats to expose scratch coat. An acrylic bonding agent can be used to help bond the repair coats. On even larger cracks or holes, a self-adhesive fiberglass mesh can be used to strengthen the repair. 

Some large holes will require the repair of the building paper behind the wire mesh. For re-coloring old stucco a "fog" coat of cement, color pigment, and lime, but no sand, is sometimes used. Acrylic additives increase ease of application and cover. Elastomeric coatings can also be used to seal and recolor old stucco.

Stucco Repair ADVANTAGES: Stucco repair is relatively easy and cost-effective.
If large areas are affected, removal may be more practical.

 Sto Corp. - Sto Powerwall® offers high quality, durable Portland Cement Plaster systems that include elastomeric coatings that expand and contract with the building, bridging hairline cracks and preventing moisture from getting into the wall. Sto Corp. supports the systems with warranties, technical support, and local distribution.

Click to see overview of Crack Analysis  (

 Click to see list of  patching compounds with MSDS (

 Click to see Stucco brief ( Top

?   Can you tell me where I can get a terrorism action plan for a non-profit organization that works with community youth through charter schools and counseling services.

Chuck's Reply:   FEMA Offers Emergency Preparedness Guide. The Federal Emergency Management Agency prepared the handbook to help people prepare for and respond to man-made disasters and natural disasters. The guide includes 14 pages on terrorism and other related disasters.

David's Reply:  On site visit (all sites) would be required to see how the flow of traffic (personnel, guests, and vehicles) are handled currently.

[Miller, David M. CPT ARCENT-KU 11th Signal Bde] goes on to say ...

On site visit (all sites) would be required to see how the flow of traffic (personnel, guests, and vehicles) are handled currently. The thought is to get inside of the mind of a terrorist (to catch a thief, you must think like a thief). You have to look at the different levels of threat (unlikely=normal operations, possible=restrict access, limit route into area, limit entry into facility, etc.,..., High = more restrictions (i.e. close facility, or minimize personnel, visitors, etc.,...).

Where do people park their cars (how close to the building?) Do people check their cars for foreign objects prior to getting into their vehicle? Handicap personnel, are they being equally checked for things that someone may have placed into their bags, behind wheel chairs, etc.,...

Security is a proactive process that involves everyone to include your (honest) customer.

You have to determine what it is you want to protect (Facility, personnel, etc.,). In the highest level of threat, what risks are you willing to take to keep business running ( the goal of the terrorist is to inflict fear to the point everyday activity ceases, and target loses the will to face another day).

To a terrorist, everything, and anything that can cause the majority to fear leaving their own homes is a target they will use. Most of their targeting will be towards icons that symbolize The American way of life and prosperity, Large assembly areas (Sport Stadiums, Concert Halls, Political Conventions and gatherings, Symbols that the world recognizes as American).

I don't know if this helps at all, or just re-enforces common knowledge. 


(If you would like David to access your facility, please contact the webmaster and he will introduce you to David.)

BIN95's Reply:  Below are some references that may help.

[PDF]  Managing Schools Under the Threat Terrorism An Opportunity to ...

[PDF]  Terrorism Response

[DOC]  Sidwell Friends School

Disasters / Emergency Plans : Risk Management Internet Services ... Top

?   I need to measure the temperature of an aluminum block sitting in a water.

Chuck's Reply: I would contact a vendor that specializes in temperature probes, such as the one below, and speak with one of their engineers. They can help you select an appropriate mode for your application. Once a specific model was selected, I'd remove the aluminum block and take both the block and the probe to a local machine shop. They should be able to machine a suitable well directly into the aluminum block.

?  1 CMMS for both manufacturing maintenance and the office building maintenance?

I guess I will be the first to ask a question. :>)
While meeting with the Association for Facilities Engineering, a guest came to me with the following two questions…
1.    Is there a CMMS software package out there that works good for both the manufacturing maintenance and the office building maintenance?
2.    If yes to the above question, who are the best when it comes to a package that works for both industries? by bin95

Reply:  I was able to answer yes to the first question, but had no idea who was the top 5 for example that had a single software package that worked well with both industries. :>) So I went to to receive a non-bias answer. This was the reply... Thanks bin95

Reply: As an independent consultant I try to steer clear of making general recommendations on software. The selection of a CMMS package is very much an individual requirement. All businesses and hence requirements, are different. In saying that, there are many packages on the market that will double as manufacturing and facilities software. Some vendors market different versions of the same package.

The basic requirements are very similar, i.e. to help control the costs and activities of the maintenance organization. At Perspective CMMS we are in the business of software selection. There is plenty of free information on this on our website at  We can also do an e-mail maintenance and selection audit anywhere in the world (Geography is History!) but we have to make a small charge for this, (I've got to eat!). Thanks PerspectiveGoto Top

? 2. What would be the best lining for a hot water storage tank ?

What would be the best lining for a 375 Gal. Horizontal hot water storage tank Use for potable water, Our three bids give me the following choices, I would like to know what is the best ? Glass, Plasite coats, Copper lining coated with epoxy or cement.

George's Reply:  A special cement lining is usually used in larger tanks sometimes with an
epoxy coating, suitable for potable water contact, put over the cement.
These are usually the reconditioned tanks or regular steel tanks being
fabricated for potable water use.

The "made for hot water" tanks are usually glass, or smooth ceramic, lined
at the factory.

My experience has been that no matter what the lining is you still need to
blow down on a very regular basis to keep the sediment form forming too
quickly.  You can slow the build up but you will never totally stop it.

Bob's Reply: Chuck, I have a few questions,
What is the water temperature we are dealing with 140 deg.?
Does the engineer have any cut-sheets on the products proposed?
How long can the tank be down for service?
Has the engineer considered replacing the tank with stainless steel?
What are the various prices for the fixes?
Is the contractor offering a warranty?  How long?
Is this liner being considered because the tank is now leaking?
Is this tank a pressure vessel?
How are the tank penetrations going to be detailed?

Bin95's Reply: 

You may also find this document helpful ...

15625 Boiler Plant Mechanical Equipment

Epoxy: Sprayed on to a sand blasted surface, epoxy linings have a durable, glossy surface. Typically lower in cost than other linings, they offer excellent durability during shipping and handling but can deteriorate if water temperatures of 200 f or more are encountered. 

Glass: More correctly called "porcelain enamel", glass lining is sprayed onto a sand blasted surface, and then fired at 1500 f to fuse it to the tank interior. Although the surface is smooth and continuous, minor imperfections are normal, and protected by the installation of anodes. These deteriorate first, and must be checked periodically and replaced when necessary. The glass lining can be damaged during shipment, and the tank must be skidded for shipment. 

Cement: The tank interior is coated with a special blend of Portland cement to a thickness of .50" to .75", over a welded wire mesh in larger sizes. The lining must be kept moist up to the time the vessel is put into service to prevent cracking. Careful handling of the tank is also necessary to avoid damage . If periodic inspections reveal damage or erosion of the lining during service, field repairs can be carried out. 

Plasite Protective Coatings Inc. Since 1949, Plasite has manufactured, high-performance coatings for industrial applications. Service environments include immersion, maintenance, secondary containment, and marine.Goto Top

? 3. What is the name of a preventive maintenance program can be fashioned to Public office buildings ?

What are some Internet sources for a preventive maintenance program that is a generic template that can be fashioned to Public office buildings? (administrative, fire stations, libraries, etc. )

Reply:  We all discussed this question at our June meeting. The general consensus was that Preventative Maintenance software (also known as CMMS) should be a sound investment in a pre-packaged professional software. There are hundreds of vendors to choose from, so there is no need to re-invent the wheel by designing your own, on a spreadsheet for example. One of our ST. Louis AFE Members recommended http://www.lillienco.comGoto Top

? 4. We have a hardness that is (15N75). Can we change it to Rockwell?

Reply: There are many hardness tests which measure hardness under different experimental conditions (e.g. indenters made in different sizes, shapes, and materials, and applied with different loads) and reduce their data using different formulae. As a result, there is NO direct analytic conversion between hardness measures. Instead, one must correlate test results across the multiple hardness tests.

For reference and general conversion, please visit
This was the reply... Thanks bin95

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