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New Articles
This month's theme is Power, an easy theme for an organization like AFE. Let's see, power by networking, knowledge, to lead, to influence.:>) This month, our two new items on power are, EPM, and backup power. We hope you find them informative and powerful. We also encourage you to follow up the print version of this newsletter, with a visit to the online version. Online you will have links that lead to related sponsors, member companies, contacts in the industry, and many more pages organized so you can pursue your particular interest.

Most importantly, online you have feedback interfaces, so you can take part in the news you receive. At AFE, we want you to hear the news and be a part of it. We still have an opening for the Newsletter and Membership committees. Please sign up for committees before September by clicking here.

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This Month:

"Your Facility's Power Risk Factor".

Stop; please take a moment to consider what would be your hourly cost if an unplanned power outage shut down your entire facility.

How much risk is your facility taking with it's high voltage system? "High voltage should have high priority in your preventive maintenance program." Do you have a plan for power outages? Do not wait until it is as bad as California, prepare with this 3-step system.

Click here to go directly to "Facility Power"

AFE St. Louis Events

Normally, our tour/meetings are on the last Tuesday of each month. Because we will be on the green for the August monthly event, it takes place the last Saturday of Aug., on the green.

          11:30 8-25-01


Next AFE Tour and Meeting.

September's monthly meeting will be at Fabick Power Systems! Why wait until you are in the dark, learn what resources are available now, by attending our meetings.

See below for August Meeting.

St. Louis Meeting-Golf Outing:

End User's in the St. Louis Area

This meeting will be on Saturday (Aug 25, 2001 @ 11:30 A.M.) at Emerald Greens, 12385 Larimore Rd., Saint Louis, MO, 63138.

A.F.E. member George Corey (chapter president, last term) is chairing the golf event committee. AFE and member companies will be sponsoring holes, so this event can be free to members. So, Join today! :>) 

Golf Sponsors

Sponsor a hole, contact George Corey

  Come and network with your St. Louis's A.F.E. Make some friends, golf, and have fun.  GOLF RESOURCES

Click here to RSVP  (required)

Please use "comment" button on left to submit an AFE related article for the AFE St Louis newsletter.

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AFE St. Louis

AFE St. Louis chapter is growing.

Our AFE St. Louis chapter has over  31 member companies represented, in 21 surrounding cities. We want to welcome our five new members who joined last month. We currently have a 33% increase in members this year! Great job people! Although word of mouth is the best way to let others know about our chapter, placing a link to us on your web site helps enormously. Please give us feedback on the site and the Newsletter by clicking the "Comments" button on the left.

Get Involved

In your St. Louis Chapter

Learn, Lead, and Influence

We are seeing our members becoming increasingly more active in AFE. Members are hosting tours, giving classes on the latest technology, and joining committees, to name a few activities. Being an active member is not only self gratify, but offers many other indirect rewards. We have a lot of fun and educational events planned. Please take part in the planning and other activities. We challenge all our St. Louis Chapter members to get involved,  and see how AFE improves your life.

Article on Leadership

Keeping it REAL

Dr. John C. Maxwell, expert on leadership training, shares with us 

The Principles for People Development.

Ground Down or Polished Up?

Commentary: Oddity or just good judgment? I have seen associates reaching for their AFE Journal, and they have a copy of Maintenance Technology with the Journal. (Too many time to be a coincident.:>)

Each month, we scan through several magazines, but these I read from cover to cover. They keep me up to date on the latest news, trends and technology.

AFE Journal: Local news in a national magazine. July's Journal has a facilities professional for the Rockwood school district, on the front cover. The district is the largest in St. Louis County. Very informative article on how The Trane Company helped them out with a new HVAC system. 

Maintenance Technology: Their July issue fell right in line with our July meeting on Electrical Preventive Maintenance. At our meeting, our chapter president recommends we read the article on "Managing Motor Systems". They also are in synchronicity with their articles on "Hidden cost of downtime" and "CMMS implementation".

Subscribe to AFE Journal or receive free with membership.

Subscribe to MT or visit online, it's free!


St. Louis Tours:

Guarantee Electrical Co. Presentation

We want to thank Rick and Terry at Guarantee Electrical Co., for hosting our meeting and giving us a powerful presentation on Electrical Preventative Maintenance. 

(Click to read about and view pictures)

We exist because of the continued support of our Sponsors. Chapter 26 thanks ALL of them for their continued support! 

Rental Power Planner

 We want to thank our corporate sponsor Mike Jaby of Fabick Power Systems, for donating this 3-step guide. After reading this,  we can calculate our facility power needs, and develop a backup plan. We will need to rewrite this 4 meg file, so you can view it on the web. In the mean time, check out this detailed article on Planning Emergency Power, donated by John Swanson, International Rental Manager within the Electric Power Generation Product Group of Caterpillar, Inc., based in Mossville, Illinois, USA.

AFE National Technical News

Because there are so many new issues in technology that affects the Facilities Manager and Engineer AFE has started a new website to address them. You will find the site hosted on our regional web site in Kansas City.

Carol Maslanka, PE/CPE, VP-Technology & Projects brings us articles on | Power Homes With Cow Manure | POO Power | How California's Power Crisis Works | Not Just a California Problem | Powering a House with Solar Cells | Price of a Solar Power House | Innovations Boost Wind Power | California's Crisis Story--Continued | Solar Problems to Solve as well as National Energy Policy Report  | Democrats Denounce Energy Plan | How Nuclear Power Works | Inside a Nuclear Power Plant | What Can Go Wrong? | Directives aimed at EPA  | Democrats Rebuttal and much more. AFE is truly your one stop source for the latest news and technology for facilities Engineering and Management.

Student Chapter:

Please help our members at Southern Illinois University, by contacting Dr.
at SIU, to see what you can do to support our new student chapter.

These students are our future; let's invest a little time in our future.

AFE National:

Please visit our National site for National News 

Facilities America:

Don't get left behind!  Special rates end August 23, 2001 Facilities America 2001

Facilities America 2001 will take place in Las Vegas, Nevada. — We realize that now may be a busy time of the year, but we would love to count your organization among this year’s delegates. 

We are offering educational seminars and workshops that you would not want to miss, such as energy management, boiler and combustion safety, utilizing and tracking reliability measures, optimize your chiller plant, new routes to quality power for mission-critical facilities to name a few. 

Our special rates on hotel and conference fee ends August 23, 2001. To make your hotel reservations, call toll free at (800) 634-4000.

Attendees will benefited from:

  • Hear well-respected facilities professionals present seminars on a wide range of topics;
  • Meet and learn from colleagues all over the world;
  • Participate in review classes and examinations for earning the Certified Plant Engineer and Certified Facilities Maintenance Manager credentials;
  • See demonstrations and details about products and services from vendors at a first-class trade show; and
  • Receive the results of the annual FAME (Facilities Management Excellence) contest.

AFE is a 46-year-old, not-for-profit organization that helps its members improve productivity, profitability and performance of the facilities in their charge. Through more than 100 chapters across the country, it offers them relevant information and resources, value-added education and certifications, and opportunities to learn, lead and influence the facilities engineering field.

For more information about Facilities America 2001, see our National Site

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