Ameren UE

AFE-St. Louis's April Meeting

With Ameren at Guarantee Electrical Company

Ameren UE Rates and Regulations

St. Louis Chapter 26 would like to express a special Thank You to 

 Will Cooper  - Ameren

 Guarantee Electrical      - Dinner Sponsor


Thank You Wilbon for speaking, Guarantee for hosting the presentation and providing dinner.  

Thanks to all those members who showed their support by attending. We look forward to seeing you again at next month's meeting. To all our guests, we hope you found this meeting a powerful savings resource. This is just one of the many benefits of belonging to our organization. We will enjoy seeing you at the next meeting. We hope that you all join the Association for Facilities Engineering.

Frank Kastl

President-AFE St. Louis (Chapter 26)

Below are the minutes from this meeting taken by AFE St. Louis Chapter Secretary, Mike Jaby. Please click on pictures to see full size. This months meeting was at Guarantee Electric facility with guest speaker Will Cooper from Ameren.

Topic: Ameren UE Rates and Regulations

Meeting Began: 5:30 PM

St. Louis-based Ameren Corporation (NYSE: AEE) provides energy services to 2.2 million customers in Missouri and Illinois.

5:40 PM - Frank Kastl made opening comments, attending members introduced themselves. Frank requested members bring end - users to the meetings.
George Corey promoted golf tournament

5:55 PM - Our guest speaker Will Cooper from Ameren was introduced. Mr. Cooper discussed rate structures and deregulation. At the end of his presentation Mr. Cooper entertained questions from the members.

6:45 PM - Frank Kastl made closing comments, discussed May meeting being replaced with the COTS meeting on May 8th. Also discussed June meeting at Fabick, possible July meeting with Trane and August meeting Control Consultants.

6:50 PM - Meeting Adjourned

There were 26 people in attendance


Thanks Again Ameren Corporation, for the great energy saving knowledge! (Right click to download the power point presentation)

energy speakerst. louisMissouri, Illinois

 AFE Members: We exist because of the continued support of our Sponsors.  When you have needs, please show your appreciation by contacting them.

Ameren Corporation

PO Box 66149
St. Louis, MO 63166-6149
Tel: 314-342-1111


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