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Target Pages Level:

For a donation of $300 per quarter, we will place your advertising banner on the top of two targeted pages in our "Resource" section.
Pages like Industries, Engineering, or Management areas.
The banner add can be up to 500 X 75 pix
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Sponsor Level:

For a donation of $700 per quarter, you will receive sponsor level advertising on our site. This includes the two banners in our resource area, a 250 X 150 pix area on the "Sponsor" section of home page ( Plus a 250 X 150 pix area and 6 lines of text on our special "Sponsors" page.
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Newsletter Sponsor:

This is a new method for companies to show their support for our AFE St. Louis chapter. For $300 a month, we will place recognition of the company who sponsors that month's newsletter. The newsletter goes out to 200+, and is the single most viewed page on our web site and is in our download area. (It's a known fact, direct email is the best advertisement money can buy :>)  Menu

Article Donation

How about Free advertisement! If you would like to give us permission to copy an article from your site (or email us one) to be placed on our site, the article will have links back to your web site and company.

Articles must be limited in size if only in PDF format (no big pictures or advertisement), and have true value added content for our Facilities Engineering viewers.

Individual AFE membership

An individual membership is a great way to get more bang for your buck :>) Our St Louis members get their company spot lighted on our Member's Company page. This is the starting page and the portal to all our great online resources. A lot of traffic to this page!
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Corporate AFE membership:

Our corporate AFE membership includes membership for 4 of your employees. AFE National provides great benefits for our corporate members. On a local level, your company and web site will be more viewable on our STL Web site site. (Our organization is non-profit, donations may be tax free too.) St. Louis corporate members receive our "Sponsor Level" advertising package for free!   Details  Menu

Reciprocal Link:

Another popular way for free advertisement is to provide a link to our AFE St. Louis web site at Let us know what page on your site has the link to us, and we'll link your site in our resource database. Would you like to add more integrity to your site? Use our St. Louis logo with our link on your site. Of course we will return the favor and use your logo on our link back to you ( if you request it).

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Authorization Code (enter AFE26 for code.)


Currently, these are permanent positions, but the space may be rotated in the future with up to 5 other banners. Note the space and order on the sponsors page will never be rotated, giving first come, best position advantage. Missing a consecutive quarter donation may result in loss of position. There for we do accept annual donations.

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