Below is a copy of a revitalized chapter newsletter. After the 2000 Facilities America conference a lot of activity has occurred in that area. Reed Lillard, John Scheuch, Frank Kastl, Don Fitchett, AFE staff and other supporters all deserve to take a bow.
They are doing an outstanding job and are in inspiration to us all in showing what can be done with some effort, a plan, local, regional and national support and most importantly desire.
Please join me applauding their efforts to grow that chapter into a true AFE powerhouse. They are even making efforts to set up a student chapter and a scholarship fund.
If anyone else would like to share with us their successes in their AFE revitalization and growth efforts please do, so we can all marvel at the results.
Way to go St Louis, Region 9 and Staff in pulling together!
Joel A. Leonard
VP Membership
336 855 7254