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  • BIN95 LIVE A News Letter with articles written by people like your self, in the industry, on topics you request. Touches those subjects, that are hard to find. Also this site has a interactive trouble shooting database, with 24/7 turnaround time on questions you submit. A user friendly place to stomp out down time, and make you look good!
  • Ezine, email newsletter Maintenance Resources has a wealth of information contained in archives back to February of 1999. This is the e-zine for plant engineering, maintenance and reliability professionals. They also offer an emailed version, to subscribe click here. Also be sure to check out their 24 categories in the Reference Library. Select from hundreds of helpful how-to articles, glossaries and more all available for your use at no charge.
  • Industrial Maintenance Plant Operation's Check out their "critical Topics" Hot topics will keep your interest for hours on end. Articles are more on the management and high tech side. Try their search engine, a search for PLC brought up 81,878 articles. Strong on content, looks good too. There's a trouble shooting database, last we checked database slow and only a couple entries.
  • Area Development Online The world's leading magazine and information source for site and facility planning simplifies the important criteria required for making new industrial and corporate facility decisions. Whether you are in management or just want find information to support discussions with management, this site is packed with information.
  • Industry Week Full featured, better than most printed magazines Slow to load but nice graphics. This magazine targets management, check out Business Hub's Resource Center, Special issues. Company profiles and best plants are interesting. A quality site that pays attention to detail.
  • Plant Services Magazine Requires users to fill out a questioner, before gaining access. Read the current issues and about 6 months worth of back issues. Quality articles more equipment based, motors, valves, hydraulics, etc. Also has a PDM / CMMS area, that's a one stop shop on the subjects. Skip clicking on the metal disk, use the black tool bar on the right. That's where the good stuff is.
  • Industry Net Great site for Industry news. Skip hunting around the site and go straight to the site map. Only a few articles, but there are good, like the one on ISO9000. Links to organizations is useful, tools, and discussions too. They also have a good source of industrial shareware, and demos.
  • Industrial Technology Magazine Has useful equipment based articles. Every month Industrial Technology publishes feature articles on technology, product developments, legislation and market analysis relating to product design and machine building. This has built up into an archive of hundreds of articles, all available on this site in easy to download text format. Best articles under their "Our Columnist", very insightful people. Diary section is on expositions, mostly taking place outside the USA, but some may be in your home town.
  • Machine Design Online ezine directory, newsletter    The ABCs of Design and Engineering is the most useful. Have not seen this much text book information in any one place on the WEB. Electronics ,motor formulas, etc., the virtual engineer online! They have really added the contents to the "Articles" section. They added 16 articles Dec- 2000, and 14 articles Jan-2001.The site uses a lot of well designed graphics, and the shows / exhibitions are worth visiting too. The links are under [Links]-[Surf Shop].
  • American Machinist Excellent vast resource of articles related to machining, and equipment like CNC. Check out there archives at Metalworking Library. There is a cutting tool guide too. Up to date trade show list at American Machinist Calendar.
  • PDEM.NET A slow to load, graphic intensive site that offers information and services to it's users. Find supplier information and articles on manufacturing technology. This site is a joint venture of several other Ezine sites. Other magazines that contribute to this site like hydraulics, Pneumatics, Welding, CAD, Metal Processing, etc. and even Machine Design mentioned above.
  • Manufacturing Net Check out the Reference Library for a wide variety of resources.
  • Processing Index - Industry Insights Mostly food processing, but has some articles that apply to all industry. Also try Industry Insights, for useful process control articles. The Literature area has product descriptions.
  • Plastics Technology Online Not much technical last we checked. But if your in the business and thinking about products, you may find something of use. The few articles found was under the topic NEWS STORIES with articles like Extrusion, Blow Molding, Recycling, Multi-Material Molding Injection Molding, and CAD/CAM.
  • Penton Publications They have several Ezines, some have been mentioned here like American Machinist.
  • Occupational Hazards Every one must view this Ezine, for Safety sake. Check out the lengthy articles in the Feature Library. The Newsline may not have many articles, but definitely should not be over looked. This Ezine is a valuable tool for Safety administrators. Provides a fast, user-friendly forum for finding reliable, unbiased information on managing occupational safety, industrial hygiene, environmental compliance and plant protection processes.
  • Jacobus Technology WebLink This one focus on plant design layout, and construction. A lot of interesting articles on issues that have probably not crossed the mind of most Plant Managers, and maintenance personnel. Before you add on or modify your plant, browse some of the areas like Newsletters. Jacobus provides new generation solutions and services for life cycle design/build through operations/maintenance, like their software "PlantSpace".

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  • THE PM ZONE HOMEPAGE We all grew up with popular mechanics, and it's just as good, online. This site was slow last we checked, so you may opt to just subscribing to the hard copy.
  • AT&T Business Network News Features daily in-depth Lead Story, review of business sections from top newspapers, and links to leading business publications.
  • CNN Financial Network Business and financial news, plus features such as daily interviews, video clips, investment advice, and a Q&A with the experts.

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  • Business To Business Magazine     "Stresses today's business concerns, presenting strategies for marketing, money matters, computer and Internet technology, the environment and other relevant business issues."
  • Internet Magazine      Is the UK's best selling Net title. It has a a regularly updated news service and news archive as well as a great selection of product reviews and Web site reviews. You can also find the results of the only testing system for Internet access providers in the UK.
  • ZDNet     "The complete computing resource featuring all the Ziff-Davis magazines."
  • PC news    PC Magazine

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  • Maintenance Resource 
    This is the e-zine for plant engineering, maintenance and reliability professionals. They also offer an emailed version, to subscribe click here

  • IndustryWeek's Inside Track
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  • IndustryWeek's Inside Track -- the channel
    Newswires and articles directly to your desktop. Enjoy the convenience of channel technology by signing up for the Inside Track.
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  • newsletters

    An array of choices of news letters emailed to you. Our favorites are "About Industry" a general industrial news letter, or "Plant Operation". Also have, About Small Business, Logistics/Supply Chain, Composite Materials, Electric Power/Utilities, Labor Safety and more.

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  • Blue Dolphin Business Update

    Get the information you need to make the most of your business --- sign up for your customized Blue Dolphin Business Update. They pull valuable information, tailored to YOUR needs, from sources you trust: Publications like Business Week, Forbes, Fortune, Fast Company, U.S. News & World Report, eCompany Now, Business2.0 and more.


  • Global Engineering Documents

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  • AOL
    If you have American Online the "News Profiles" area is for you. A powerful tool to modify news emailed directly to you.

  • CNN
    Although they don't email you, you can customize a news page and have quick access to the news of your choice.

  • Search Engines
    Allow you to customize to search trough news and find what interest you. Then you can save that profile, for quick access.


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